Water Guild vs Greenwich II

Submariner and GMT Master II has always been a hot fake watches models; Submariner naturally mention, it's even if the popularity of the full range of products should be one of the best, GMT Master II although with the Explorer II overlap, but the ceramic color circle Or let it more than a selling point, and with the red circle of the re-out is to make it a new high popularity. The appearance of these two similar, the difference is quite subtle, when the choice may be cut from the attribute will be easier to decide. fake rolex watches Submariner Date This generation of Submariner Date updates starting from 2008. Since 2005 GMT Master II began to import ceramic bezel, the players began to predict the next ROLEX Rolex will gradually turn its ring style ring color full of ceramic material, and in which the most attention on the number Submariner, Sea-Dweller these diving watches. 2008 Submariner Date for the first time the introduction of a new generation of version, the new version of the Cerachrom ceramic bezel does not impose, but also quite eye-catching blue, for the next generation of water ghosts to bring a lifelike start; Should be an exciting new, but unfortunately this is the blue ring blue version of the case is white K gold case, linked to the same time to launch the black circle is also yellow K gold, both are not expected Stainless steel section. ▲ The biggest focus of this generation is Cerachrom ceramic bezel, new materials and new manufacturing methods are so that the bezel texture and three-dimensional sense of swiss replica watches a substantial increase; In addition, the new version of the pointer and the size of the time scale has increased, in addition to a little bit not used, the overall proportion is better one. Precious metal after the practice of stainless steel In fact, the order of this launch has now become the practice of Rolex, that is, whenever the series to make a big change when the models are starting from the precious metal version, several times to the last only to the stainless steel version, because they themselves But also know that the stainless steel style is the main brand, if the first out of the precious metal and then the precious metal, then the latter will buy the momentum will be worse, but if the reverse, then it can attract some players can not wait for stainless steel to start with precious metals early adopters, such a To the overall accumulation of sales is bound to be better, and the atmosphere of the brewing can also stimulate the consumer expectations of follow-up of stainless steel. ▲ luminous diving watch is an important function, Rolex luminous paint in 2006 before the use of the common Super-Luminova, after 2007 to switch to their own Chromalight, in addition to the luminous time to double, the color from green to blue. 2010 steel shell new water ghost appeared In total, Rolex in 2008 when the first hung a bit of appetite, when again in 2009, the launch of the semi-gold style, but from the steel version is always a step further. 2010, the long-awaited, all stainless steel version of the Submariner Date finally launched, the players waiting for the last long to be achieved; even worse, the Rolex in addition to the standard black circle outside the black surface also launched a new The green circle of green, for the new generation of water ghost to bring a new weather. In fact, in 2008 when the launch of the Blue Circle Blue Edition, the outside world should be able to speculate that the next color version of the water ghosts should be the face plate and bezel with the color of the design, rather than before the bezel change color, face plate is still maintained Black with, but once really see that a piece of green surface when the number or still shocked. ▲ Rolex crown crown under the three points refers to the triple waterproof, but also Rolex crown waterproof the highest specifications. Incidentally, usually a little platinum shell, two points is K gold shell, a bar is not reinforced waterproof stainless steel shell. ▲ is also the 31 series movement, this generation of water ghost dress up Parachrom blue gossamer, officially entered the then Rolex's highest specifications. 32 series of the launch may make people began to hesitate that the shot should not be now, but the performance gap between the two is not so dramatic, for the time being put aside anyway. Timeless look at the black water ghosts Green face of the topic of full, published to get a warm discussion, but if the long-term sales point of view, black face, after all, is the main force of the series - even that it is the main brand of the whole is not an exaggeration. Then Submariner Date if there is anything to change should be for the movement, and published in 2015 the 32 series movement is bound to become the brand all three-pin style of the standard equipment, but when will change to the water ghost at this stage also It is not enough. ROLEX GMT Master II 2013 ROLEX Rolex launched this blue circle GMT Master II in the watch sector caused no small stir, one is the two-color circle GMT Master II since 2007 after a comprehensive facelift has been seen, this time To be re-out of the rivers and lakes, but also used in the past has not appeared in the blue and black combination of the fans are naturally overjoyed; Moreover, the reason why the two-color circle disappeared because GMT Master II into the ceramic bezel across the board, and ceramic material In the past are considered only possible monochrome molding, so once someone made a two-color ceramic products, the entire watch industry is undoubtedly a major technical development. ▲ this root two time indicators are the value of the watch in the function of the value of GMT Master I before 1983, the two time can not be adjusted separately, through the rotating bezel to correctly display the second time, in turn, II after the fact that the bezel can not turn anyway. Special color forming process 2013 Rolex did not give this time to explain this technology, so the outside world on how they made this color circle of a lot of speculation, until the next year they are overweight the introduction of the white gold section of the classic red and blue peculiar circle, only take advantage of This is a detailed description of the production method. In short, Rolex's two-color circle is made by way of dyeing, they first make the whole circle of red rough embryo, and then to make the blue half of the circle soak the special solvent, and then a heating, which When the bubble over the solvent that half circle will be red to blue, which produced a single component there are two colors of special effects (the official introduction is for the year launched the red and blue ring style, blue and black circle, then it should be Will be half of the blue circle of black). ▲ Dyeing two-color circle has a feature that the color of the junction is not sharp, but slightly gradual effect; 2016 other brands have also introduced a two-color ceramic ring, but the other side is to use two-color ceramic together The practice, so the junction is quite clear. New technology display platform Think about the Rolex technology with the ceramic are through the new GMT Master II to do the show, in 2005 Cerachrom ceramic bezel first came out in the GMT Master's fiftieth anniversary, and then gradually extended to other series , This two-color molding technology is also the first in the GMT Master II starting, but the Rolex existing products this time should not have the opportunity to use the other series. ▲ bezel in addition to the basic practice of the two colors or the standard Cerachrom, the number of three-dimensional Yin Wen, which is coated with silver white platinum. With the blue and black circle of color, this GMT pointer from the old version of the green into blue, the author personally feel better read. ▲ watch the watch is equipped with the 3186 movement, compared with the most common 3135 is more than the 24-hour time of the two time indicators; function of the same Explorer II is equipped with 3187, the difference is 3187 of the wheel to avoid The vibrator is Rolex's own Paraflex. Blue and black and blue and blue saws