Invasion of five Rolex watches a courier was sentenced to eight months a year

Invasion of five replica watches courier was sentenced to eight months a year (Reporter Sun Ying) courier Yang in Jingdong Mall on a virtual identity ordered five fake rolex watches, choose cash on delivery, distribution to their responsible distribution area. He will take five watches after the police lied to express theft. Reporters learned today, Xicheng court sentenced to the crime of imprisonment Yang sentenced to eight months a year. On the evening of December 15, 2015, Jingdong mall courier Yang to Xicheng Branch Erlong Road police station report, claiming to be delivered in the upstairs, the distribution vehicle door lock was destroyed, the car 5 courier parcels are lost, which are Is the watch, the value of more than 30 million. The police immediately reported the news of the theft of Yang informed the company manager Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou said that the incident that afternoon, the distribution station staff found that the site to be distributed within the five watches disappeared, the system shows the delivery staff Yang took away, that he is normal delivery did not care. However, Mr. Zhou had heard before Yang owed debt to repay, he suspected Yang himself took the watch. Police further investigation and verification found that the theft of this watch is entirely Yang hand concocted. The order is Yang registered with a false user set, the receipt address is his own distribution area, and choose cash on delivery. Yang will be five pieces of swept away after the watch, to his father, let him back to Shanxi home custody. That night, Yang police station to the police station. After the investigation is clear, the police called Yang's father. Yang father the next day with an emergency back to Beijing to pay the police. In court, Yang's allegations against the prosecution are fully recognized. The court held that Yang's behavior constitutes a crime of embezzlement. In view of his good attitude in court, may be discretionary punishment, sentenced to one year eight months. J001