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Some brands are actually good in nature, but rolex replica uk long neglected without attention, it is a pity that today's old nine introduced Shang Wei Sha (JeanRichard) is an example. JEANRICHARD The source of the fake watches brand can be traced back to the watchmaking genius Daniel Jean Richard, who was known as the father of Swiss watchmaking. Brand in 1988 by the Kaiyun Group subsidiary SOWIND acquisition and mergers, and Girard Perregaux (Girard-Perregaux) for the sister brand. Shang Wesha's sports watch is currently divided into three categories, no rotating outer ring and no outer ring scale Terrascope, no rotating outer ring but with the outer scale of the flight replica watches uk, Aeroscope and with a rotating outer ring and scale In addition to the outer ring shape is not the same, the faceplate configuration is not the same, Terrascope and Aquascope mining column when the time scale, and Aeroscope is a columnar and digital mix, Shang Wei Sha sports watch and other sports watch differences in the face plate, His face plate type is very large, there are grid pattern, Ukiyohua relief, or hair pattern road surface plate, and a lot of color, including white, black, blue, silver, orange, green, brown and so very rich, Everything is available. JeanRichard Terrascope Waterproof 100m Black hair asked the road plate JeanRichard Aquascope Waterproof 300m Blue Ukiyo drawing plate Another feature is the shell, mining composite multi-layer structure, from top to bottom contains the face plate but does not contain movement, a total of ten layers of structure, very complex, excellent workmanship, drawing and edge polishing are done very Exquisite, in line with the price of the principle of the watch. Case structure from top to bottom does not contain the movement of about ten layers, work complex not sloppy The picture below shows Aquascope's Hokusai Style, a wave relief with a blue face plate, giving a quiet and tranquil feel. Shang Wei Sha movement of the pointer are used arrow-shaped clock with a sword-shaped minute hand, very masculine atmosphere; face plate are luminous marked, so the light is also very clear, Aquascope equipped with a rotating outer ring, excellent rotation Do not drag the water, some watches will use two-color case, the inner case using PVD coating, some black, there are blue, so that the case is more layered. Leading large enough and obvious lines, very easy to use, coupled with the tape or tape with folding buckle, are very nice, tape "JR" LOGO, production is also very hard. With the cal.JR60 movement (26 stone, 28800 r / hour; early JR60 for the ETA2892, 21 stone, 28800 r / hour), from the data should be SW200 (ETA2824 Clone), many brands are also used This movement (including ZENITH) should be a very stable and good choice. Insulated case using PVD cross blue coating, so that the case has a rich sense of hierarchy There are JR LOGO brand recognition on tape Summary: masculine full appearance, a wide range of features and face plate, coupled with a complex multi-level case, as well as the characteristics of the case with wire drawing and polishing, I think JeanRichard's sports watch is really value Works, like sports watch and a little elegant atmosphere of the watch faithful, may wish to pay more attention to this brand.