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The Advantages of Using a Professional Cleaning Company

There are some services that really should be left to the professionals; office cleaning is one of them.  Many people believe that they can do their own cleaning in the workplace and this has led to offices being unsatisfactorily cleaned and even, in the worst cases, unhygienic working environments.  

It’s not difficult to find office cleaners; there are many firms who offer cleaning services and very often at bargain prices, but it always pays to hire a reputable and experienced company who will work efficiently and effectively, providing value for money and a clean, hygienic work place.  Here at Aquamark we believe in full training and progression for all our staff and we know this is why our cleaning services are highly recommended throughout London and the South East.

Why You Should Trust a Professional and Experienced Cleaning Company

Nobody can be an expert at everything, so why should we assume that cleaning is any different if left to untrained personnel? Professional cleaning companies understand their profession inside and out, it’s their job, which is why staff at Aquamark work closely with clients to ensure the best service possible is achieved. 

Professional office cleaners such as Aquamark can save you money in the long run.  With the correct equipment and know how to clean effectively, even the most challenging of environments can be tackled. Problems such as stubborn stains, dirty carpets or difficult to access areas are made light work of and solutions to cleaning problems are offered quickly.

Boost Morale as Well as Office Conditions

Research has shown that unkempt offices and work spaces lead to low morale.  Furthermore, unhygienic places of work can be one of the main causes of staff absences with the chances of germs and disease spreading quickly throughout the workforce.  A clean, orderly and neat office is proven to not only boost morale but to increase work productivity too. 

Don’t leave office cleaning to amateurs; trust the professionals and you’ll be rewarded with a clean, presentable environment for your staff and customers alike.

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Why Your Environment Should be Green as Well as Clean

In this day and age it is not good enough to think only about the short term effects of our actions towards the environment. For the good of everyone we all have a duty to consider the long term effects and that’s why Aquamark is making a stand for greener cleaning methods and working practices.

Improve Indoor Air Quality this Summer with Professional Office Cleaning

Summer is the season that most people long for, yet it can cause severe problems with air quality in many offices. While the winter may be the cause of absences due to coughs, colds and chills, summer can be far more damaging to the health. Air quality can be incredibly poor in the hotter months which can cause problems in confined spaces such as offices. However, with some expert advice and by making some changes to cleaning routines, indoor air quality can be improved significantly.

Employers Have a Duty of Care to Ensure Offices are Kept Clean and Safe

It is well reported that having a clean, hygienic and safe office boosts staff morale, makes the right first impression for visitors and promotes a good working environment, but it’s also a legal requirement.

By law, through the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers have a responsibility to ensure health and safety in the workplace and this includes having a clean environment in which to work in.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Health and Safety at Work Act was passed in 1974 and is a legal safeguard for workers for the right to a clean and safe place to work. It ensures employers understand the responsibility for providing a safe and clean workplace lies with them, and it protects workers too.

The Benefit of Spring Cleaning Your Office

The sun is finally making an appearance and the long, dark winter finally seems to be over. It’s around this time that thoughts turn to the winter layers of dust and piles of papers that have accumulated in the work space. Taking the time to address these common office problems can really make a difference to work productivity, staff morale and the quality of work produced too.

Healthy Work Stations Bring Numerous Benefits

Having a tidy and clean work station is not only a better and more productive environment for working in, but it could be a health saver that stops staff from becoming ill too.