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Janitor, Cleaner or Hero? What Do You Call Your Office Cleaner?

Date: 19th Jul 2015

Cleaning: you either love it or hate it. Some obsessive cleaners can’t bear to see a speck of dirt on a surface, while other folk are a little more relaxed about the state of their abode. In our own homes, we’re in control of the amount of cleaning we do, and there’s always the option […]

Health and Safety Requires You to Keep Offices Clean

Date: 7th Jul 2015

Some Health and Safety laws seem bizarre at first reading; others make perfect sense. While many businesses consider Health and Safety a necessary evil, their employees are depending on them to adhere to guidelines and ensure they stay compliant. We tend to think of Health and Safety to mean hazards like trips, slips and falls. […]

Office Cleaners in London – a Rare Breed to Some

Date: 26th Jun 2015

In the sweltering heat of the summer, London’s office workers don’t wish to have to clean their workplace as well as doing their normal jobs. Yet it can be difficult to find reliable cleaners in the capital, despite an abundance of companies claiming to offer to clean. The rarity of good cleaners is a real […]

Cleaning Your Office is Not the Same as Cleaning Your Home

Date: 14th Jun 2015

Many of us like to keep our homes spick and span; there’s nothing like coming home to a clean, orderly environment. Your friends might joke that you’ve got OCD, but some people just really love having a clean, sanitary home. At work, it can be distressing when the environment isn’t up to scratch, and many […]

Dare to Look Inside Your Keyboard? Here’s What’s Lurking Inside…

Date: 21st May 2015

We do all kinds of things while we’re working. Staring into space. Picking off nail polish. Scratching our heads. Eating our food. Often, these activities take place while were typing, so it’s inevitable that dust and dirt will get between the keys. Occasionally, you might spill something and notice that it’s harder to type than […]

London Offices Should Have Quarterly Deep Cleans

Date: 12th May 2015

At Aquamark, we’re all about regular office cleans. A schedule helps us keep on top of the job, so that maintaining high standards of cleanliness becomes an every day task. In busy office environments, you sometimes need a more thorough clean in order to freshen everything up. This is called a deep clean, and it’s […]

Quick Tips For Keeping Offices Tidy

Date: 20th Apr 2015

A tidy desk is a tidy mind, or so the saying goes. If you take a look around a communal office, you’ll deduce certain clues about each desk’s occupant from the state of the work surface around their seat. While some people are naturally tidy and clean, others allow papers, stationery and ‘to-do’ lists to […]

Aquamark Cleaning – Your Local Office Cleaners

Date: 12th Apr 2015

Office cleaning is a changeable task. One week, we’ll be battling the wind as we sweep leaves from the door. The next, we’ll be mopping sweat from our brows in a heatwave! Not only is the weather unpredictable, but the way we use premises also changes as the months and seasons roll by. There’s another […]

Spring Clean Your Office in Half Term

Date: 12th Mar 2015

As soon as the school holidays start to loom, we begin to think of things that we can do with the family or maybe getting into some exciting adventures that we have been planning for a while. But the holidays can also give us time to get those little jobs done, at home and at […]

Employ More Than 15 Staff? Get an Office Cleaner

Date: 27th Feb 2015

If you employ more than 15 staff, you’re running a pretty busy set up. Your offices are subject to heavy footfall every day, both from your own team and the visitors that come to see them. Whilst staff may be conscious and clean in the workplace, some may leave it to the rest of the […]

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