January 2012

Great Glass Buildings of the World: The Great Glass House at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

Date: 31st Jan 2012

Readers of our blog will know that as well as cleaning glass in its many shapes and forms, we spend a little time each week musing on the versatility of glass as a building material and documenting some of the most impressive glass buildings in the world.  Our appreciation has taken us to many a […]

Great Glass Buildings of the World: Leonardo Glass Cube, Bad Driburg, Germany

Date: 24th Jan 2012

Glass has been used in buildings all around the world to create innovative architectural designs which have undeniable impact. At Aquamark, we’re passionate about glass and its use in all kinds of buildings, and we’re looking at a different building every week to showcase these fabulous creations. Last week, we were in sunny Spain, looking […]

Great Glass Buildings of the World: The Selgas Cano Architecture office, Madrid, Spain

Date: 18th Jan 2012

Here at Aquamark, we’re fascinated by glass and the fabulous eye-catching structures it can create. On our blog, we’re showcasing a series of fabulous buildings around the world which utilise this attractive and versatile material in their designs, to breath-taking effect. Last week, we showed you the stunning Basque Health Department building in Spain. We’re […]

Great Glass Buildings of the World: Basque Health Department Headquarters: Bilbao, Spain

Date: 11th Jan 2012

Our admiration of glass buildings, and the truly amazing structures which can be created using this versatile modern building material, will not come as news to our regular blog readers. We have been cataloguing some of the most impressive glass buildings around the world, as we explore the architectural delights which have been made available […]

Great Glass Buildings of the World: Concept Glass Cube House by Santambrogiomilano

Date: 4th Jan 2012

Our blog followers already know that we are fascinated with glass and the impressive designs that this versatile modern building material can be used to create. Over the last few months, we have taken our readers on a journey, presenting them with some of the most remarkable glass buildings around the globe. Last week we […]