How Winter Dirt is Wreaking Havoc in Your Office (and What You Can Do About It)

Date: 28th Nov 2013

With the winter season in full swing, there’s really never been a better time to perfect your office cleaning strategy. Indeed, there are many ways that winter dirt and grime can cause issues in your commercial space, and today, Aquamark Cleaning is exploring a few of them. We’re also offering some ideas for what you […]

Four Surprising Ways to Boost Company Morale with Office Cleaning

Date: 8th May 2013

You’ve probably heard the established adage that a tidy desk equals a tidy mind, and at Aquamark Cleaning, we know this concept extends throughout the entire office, too. In today’s post, Aquamark is offering a few ideas for boosting company morale with office cleaning. And if you thought that improved employee motivation was only achievable […]