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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company Surrey and London

Our Commitment to the Environment

The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and procedures is of the utmost importance to Aquamark and we are proud to be an ISO 14001 company.

We believe we have a duty to help protect future generations from damage to the environment caused by the waste of resources or use of harmful chemicals. This aim has led us to adopt measures which meet internationally accepted environmental standards.

ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management

Aquamark's environmental management system has been certified to ISO 14001, meaning we have been independently judged to have achieved recognised environmentally-friendly practices. Our impact on the environment is constantly being assessed and we are always striving to minimise any potential detrimental effects, and improve our procedures accordingly.

Furthermore, we undertake to only use products sourced from companies that share our commitment to the environment, and we promise to never overuse water resources or use harmful chemicals to complete a job.

How This Benefits You

Not only do we sleep easier at night knowing that we are doing everything we can to improve the environmental outlook, but our clients can also rest safe in the knowledge that we comply with all the legal and environmental regulations. We manage environmental risks on your behalf and ensure that consumption and waste are minimised in your business, with on-site recycling provided. So that’s a positive for your environmental responsibility too.

Good News for Allergy Prevention Too

As well as protecting the environment, we understand the importance of minimising the use of non-natural products to avoid provoking allergic reactions. We therefore seek alternatives to allergy-inducing irritant cleaning chemicals and sprays. This has been known to effectively reduce sickness absence in the workplace due to the prevention of conditions such as asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis.

Looking Ahead to a Greener Future

We are constantly keeping up with the latest environmentally-friendly technologies and processes. Whenever we find a greener version of a product or procedure, we will consider its adoption without delay. Our research ensures we stay one step ahead and can help you look forward to a greener future world.

For a reliable cleaner with a genuine commitment to protecting our environment, contact Aquamark for a free no obligation initial consultation.

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