Health & Safety Policy

At Aquamark, Health and Safety is regarded with the utmost importance and we cannot stress enough the value we place on compliance with your policies, and our own.
Aquamark’s health and safety is independently managed by Peninsula Health & Safety. Weekly updates of any changes to health and safety legislation are supplied so that we are aware of any changes that need to be made in practice, and our policy documentation is updated automatically. 
Click here to download a copy of our Health and Safety Policy (opens as a PDF)
  • Tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements are produced for every aspect of each individual contract
  • Equipment safety checks are conducted before commencement of any assignment
  • Every vehicle and its equipment undergo a complete health and safety check every four weeks. Records of these checks are held at head office as part of our safety management system

Health and Safety Training

All staff are thoroughly trained in the use of our cleaning equipment, products and materials.  Full attention is also given to liaising with you to ensure you are aware of any risk factors involved as we conduct our duties on your premises. We will provide you with a Health and Safety manual and guarantee that all procedures are fully implemented and adhered to. 


All staff are supervised and supported to ensure work is carried out safely and in the interest of everyone’s welfare: your staff; your visitors; your customers; our staff.

Health and Safety: The Aquamark Guarantee

Aquamark’s aim is to ensure the safety and well being of all their clients, clients’ employees, visitors and customers and anyone else involved with the service provided.

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