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Wrong Cleaning Product Wreaks Havoc!

Wrong Cleaning Product Wreaks Havoc!

by Brad Staines
We’ve talked in great detail about the alarming rate of accidents that are caused by slips in the workplace. Studies show that they cost employers over £500M in lost production and additional costs; they make up a third of the all major injuries and that 90% result in broken bones. 
The Health and Safety Executive recently published details of a cleaning incident showing how easily slip accidents are caused in the workplace, and how easily they can be avoided.
Slip Hazard Mayhem for Manufacturing Firm

When a precision equipment manufacturing firm moved to new premises with linoleum floors they noticed that an unusually high number of slip accidents were occurring on one particular floor. Following much deliberation, and many more slips, the company’s health and safety adviser contacted the manufacturer of the cleaning product that was used specifically for the linoleum floors. The manufacturers were just as puzzled as it was the first time that they’d had any concerns of this nature. Finding no answers there the adviser spoke to the cleaning staff. He quickly learned that the offending floor was being cleaned with washing up liquid as the linoleum floor cleaner was stored on another floor and it was “inconvenient” for the cleaner to go and get it.
As soon as the floor was cleaned with the recommended product for the linoleum the floor was no longer slippery or hazardous. Thankfully there were no major slip accidents in which anyone was seriously hurt, but had the problem not been solved it was only a matter of time before a member of staff or a visitor suffered a major injury. To make sure that this never happens again the correct cleaning solution is now stored on every floor and the cleaning staff understand the importance of using the right product.
Gambling with Health and Safety

The necessity of hiring well-trained staff is highlighted in the HSE’s report. Cleaning staff from a reputable firm would always understand the importance of using the right product for cleaning different floors and surfaces, and the potential outcomes if they did not. By chance there were no serious accidents at the manufacturing plant but the outcome could have been very different.
Gambling with cleaning staff that aren’t trained, supported and supervised effectively is simply not worth it. Health and Safety guidelines are there to protect us all and using a reputable cleaning firm shows that everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance.  
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12 December 2011