Accreditation by Industry Bodies Makes it Easier to Choose a Trusted Cleaning Company

by Brad Staines
With so many commercial cleaning businesses around choosing the right one to complete work on your premises can be quite a task. Recommendations are good but industry accreditations are even better. Here at Aquamark we feature all the industry bodies that we’re accredited to on our website but what do they all mean and how can they help clients choose a reliable and trustworthy contractor?
Behind the Abbreviations

With so many industry bodies and abbreviations it’s easy to lose track of what they all stand for but earning an accreditation requires hard work, strict adherence to guidelines and consistently excellent service so they really are worth understanding as they’re a guarantee of quality workmanship and a stamp of approval.
Aquamark’s accreditations not only give our clients peace of mind but they help us stay ahead of industry guidelines for everything from safety at work to environmental issues and concerns.    
Here are some of the leading industry bodies that Aquamark are attached to and what they mean to our clients.

International Organization for Standardisation is a global body that standardises the quality of products and services throughout the world. Aquamark have achieved ISO 9001 which approves a quality management system and ISO 14001 which monitors and approves environmental management; ensuring companies consistently work to reduce any negative environmental impact.

British Institute for Cleaning Science is an independent professional body that maintains standards throughout the cleaning industry by offering education and professional accreditations thorough training.    

International Powered Access Federation works to maintain the safe use of powered access equipment such as the hydraulic platforms that our fully trained window cleaning operatives use to reach high and awkward places. Accreditation to IPAF means that safe procedure, training and testing of powered access equipment has all been monitored and passed rigorous inspection.  

Industrial Rope Access Trade Association relates directly to working at height with the use of ropes and harnesses. All Aquamark’s abseil cleaning teams are IRATA assessed and approved and receive on-going training. Working at height with ropes can be extremely dangerous so this accreditation shows that every safety procedure and aspect of training has been monitored to ensure safe working practice at all times. 
Accreditation to these bodies is on-going so once they’ve been awarded we work hard to maintain the status. This means constant training, monitoring, testing and approval. Not only are we confident that our practice is as good as it possibly can be but our clients are assured too.
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02 April 2012