Safety First at Aquamark

by Brad Staines
Without reliable and experienced staff we would not be able to deliver the quality commercial cleaning services that we do each and every day throughout the capital and the South East. We know how important a trustworthy workforce is and we work hard to keep our staff well-trained, but safety at all times is paramount too.  
Safety is a serious issue at Aquamark, whether that’s adhering to important Health and Safety guidelines or making sure that staff and clients’ safety is never compromised. As a commercial cleaning company we offer flexible contracts to work around our client’s needs, this can mean working out of regular hours, when offices and commercial premises are closed or empty. 
This way, premises get cleaned safely and efficiently and with no disturbance to workforces. Many people are working longer, unsociable hours so our tailored service of flexible contract cleaning is important to many businesses.
With an increase of night cleaning contracts we knew that we’d have to update our safety procedures to keep workers who work out of regular hours safe. 
The Lone Workers Policy

We developed the Lone Workers Policy to address the safety concerns of Aquamark staff working alone late at night or overnight in empty offices and commercial premises. Staff working these hours are given a 24-hour mobile phone number which they can call in the event of a problem. The number is also used as a ‘check-in’ facility too. Staff working unsociable hours call to check in and out of the job and just so that we know our valued staff have made it home safely, they call in to say that they have arrived home too. 
Happy Staff: Happy Clients

Safety is just one of the issues that we continue to address as we work towards the Investors in People standard. As well as addressing lone working and working unsociable hours we provide training, opportunities for development and career progression for all our staff. 
By ensuring staff are safe, motivated and enjoy job satisfaction we know that our clients will ultimately benefit from a job well done.


15 April 2012