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Inspire Your Staff with a Spring Fresh Office

Inspire Your Staff with a Spring Fresh Office

by Brad Staines

Despite the inclement British weather spring time is associated with all things new and fresh so, if it’s not raining too heavily, now is the time to open the windows wide and let some of that spring freshness into your office. You’ll benefit from a brighter, more inspiring work space that will set the tone for a positive working environment for months to come.
Aquamark Office Cleaning: Tips for Spring Cleaning

We’re busy at this time of the year providing one-off spring cleans for all kinds of offices and workspaces right across London and the South East. Many clients opt for an intensive clean to help them get their workspaces in order and to create a better environment for staff and visitors. Get the most out of your spring clean by following our cleaning expert top tips:
Organise. When we come into an office or workplace that is disorganised and untidy it can be difficult to actually get down to the real reason we are there; to clean! If your cleaner is working in an obstacle course of files, boxes, supplies and general office debris then you are not getting the most out of them. Use the time before your spring clean to get organised.
Be ruthless! Harsh, but necessary. A spring clean is all about getting rid of what you don’t need to make way for what you do. Request staff take responsibility for their own desks and workspaces. Get them to clear drawers and desktops and you’ll be amazed at how much more efficiently they work. 
Archive and File. Take this opportunity to archive old papers and file away what you don’t need.
Take the initiative. While we love cleaning, we know that it’s not something that many people get excited about. Take the lead and start the clearing process yourself. The quick results of a clear, organised office make it addictive and once you start getting organised you’ll notice how inspired others become to follow suit
Book a meeting with your office cleaner. To make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible with your office cleaning staff, book some time with them to discuss your requirements for a spring clean. Taking this time can be invaluable as your cleaning staff should be able to help you plan for your big spring clean. Using their knowledge and expertise will make light work of a task that can seem daunting.

For more information on Aquamark’s intensive spring cleaning, or for an initial consultation get in touch today.


29 April 2012