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Whatís in a Policy?

Whatís in a Policy?

by Brad Staines

All reputable commercial cleaning firms will have policies that guide their practice. Here at Aquamark we take our policies very seriously. We believe that along with our memberships and accreditations to leading industry bodies our policies are our clients’ safeguards. They may be a mark of quality but for many a policy is merely a tick in the box. That’s where Aquamark is different. Here we break down two of our policies to show that having firm policies in place is so much more than an administrative task, it’s part of our ethos as quality service providers.
Environmental Policy
We believe that everyone has a duty to care for the environment and as a large commercial company we work hard to improve our practice and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Naturally, we always work within the legal requirements but as a responsible company we always try to go one step further. We start with our staff who are fully trained in environmental issues and we consult as a team regularly to see where we could improve practice, or reduce waste on individual contracts. Minimising waste of materials and energy is our goal at all levels of our service and we are constantly seeking new ways to implement this. We aim not to use pollutants and seek alternatives wherever possible and promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials in all our contracts. 
Health and Safety
Here at Aquamark our Health and Safety policy guides all our principles of work; to provide a first-class service in absolute safety. Safety covers much more than our staff, it covers the staff of the commercial premises in which we’re working and the general public too. Accidents at work are common place but many can be avoided with the right procedure and training. 
First and foremost we guarantee that we’ll always meet legal obligations to provide a safe environment for everyone. Following that we ensure that all our staff are fully trained to understand any equipment or substances that they may use and we consult together on all matters that may affect health and safety. Our policy is kept up to date and is revised at least once a year. This policy is not a piece of paper that’s filed away in a cabinet; it’s our way of working safely.
Does your present cleaning contractor have clear and concise policies? If not then it’s time to make the change to a company that does. Contact Aquamark today.


10 June 2012