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Is Your Office Making You Ill?

Is Your Office Making You Ill?

by Brad Staines

Shock statistics from the University of Arizona have revealed that a staggering 60% of illnesses that warrant time off work are contracted through office equipment that hasn’t been cleaned properly. E. Coli, Staph and harmful bacteria were some of the germs and viruses found on the office equipment tested by the university researchers.

We recently reported on some of the office hotspots where germs breed freely, such as on water cooler and microwave buttons and handles, but in light of the present findings from the university, situations in shared offices could be worse than previously thought with further research suggesting that there are 445 times more bacteria on an office work station than on a toilet seat.  

Keeping Your Staff and Clients Safe and Well

Health and Safety in the workplace covers many aspects of working safely and harmoniously and if the findings of the University of Arizona are to be heeded then drastic action needs to be taken to prevent illnesses and viruses such as E. Coli from affecting staff and clients.

The simple answer to keeping office stations and shared areas healthy is to instil responsibility into staff for keeping their own parts of an office clean and orderly and to make the most of your daily office cleaners.

Getting the Most from your Cleaner

Your cleaner is there to work for you and to suit and meet your cleaning requirements. Here at Aquamark we conduct regular meetings between our senior supervisors and our clients. By doing this we can check office cleaning contracts are being carried out to the best advantage of our clients. Changes can be made to daily or weekly cleaning rotas and one-off deep cleans or cleaning of a specific problem area, such as a communal kitchen, can be written into the existing contract.

We’ve recently discussed the possibilities of instigating a deep clean for clients while offices are quieter as staff take well-earned annual leave. With the shock findings from the University of Arizona of the real problems that lie in many offices, this could be more urgent than we thought.Make sure you’re getting the most from your cleaner by keeping work spaces tidy so your cleaner can work effectively, encourage staff to wash hands regularly and eat away from their desks. Making simple changes now could prevent bouts of serious illness later.

Contact Aquamark today to see how we can make your office cleaner, and much healthier too. 


23 July 2012