Your South East Commercial Cleaning Service

Aquamark is a 20-year established family-run commercial cleaning business with a focus on personal service. We have the capacity to handle everything up to very large contracts, and give projects of all sizes the same dedication to quality. Whether you're a facilities manager, property agent, a surveyor, building contractor or a business owner, we promise 100% satisfaction with our service, our attention to detail and our communication.

Aquamark Cleaners: Employed, not Sub-Contracted

Directly employing cleaners means you get a fully vetted, experienced and trained cleaning professional to fulfil your contract - one you know you can trust. The service is consistent too - whether your contract is weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual, you'll see the same Aquamark cleaner every time. 

Cleaning surrey through the best professinal cleaning company.  Daily Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning & Specialist Cleaning - Everything Covered

Whatever your cleaning requirements, Aquamark has them all covered. Our attitude is: there is always a way.

So even where access is restricted, for even the highest of high rise buildings, and when the deadline really is tight, you can count on Aquamark to deliver.

Our investment in modern specialist equipment and ongoing training, the fact we have employed teams at the ready, and our experience in tackling red tape means we will always find a solution.

Free Initial Consultation & Site Survey

Each and every contract is important to us, whether one-off or ongoing, large or small. Contact Aquamark today to find out how we can help you with your specific commercial cleaning requirements.

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