Commercial Cleaning that’s Dedicated to the Environment

Here at Aquamark we are 100% dedicated to reducing the impact we have on the environment. As a commercial organisation, you will follow your own environmental policy and you can rest assured that contracting Aquamark will work towards that policy.

The Benefits of an ISO 14001 Accredited Company

As an ISO 14001 registered company, we have been judged by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to have a clear and comprehensive environmental management system in place which aims to reduce the environmental impact we have onsite.
The ISO14001 accreditation is designed to address the balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. As it is constantly reviewed, we follow our own high standards on a daily basis to match what is expected of an ISO14001 registered company.

There are many benefits of using an ISO 14001 certificated cleaning company such as Aquamark:

  • Management of environmental risks handled on your behalf
  • Peace of mind. All legal and environmental regulations are fully complied with
  • Reduction of consumption, waste and recycling onsite

How does Aquamark Care for the Environment?

As professional commercial cleaners, we have a responsibility to reduce the amount of water and harmful products we use. This is why on all jobs, we promise to only use products sourced from companies that share our commitment to the environment. You can expect us to never overuse water resources or use harmful chemicals to complete a job.

We have a wide range of cleaning methods to choose from with the most effective and environmentally friendly option chosen every time, from water-fed pole cleaning for windows or hand cleaning of office spaces.

If you are looking for exceptional quality, one hundred per cent reliable commercial cleaners who display a true and proven commitment to the environment, contact Aquamark for a free no obligation initial consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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