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When it comes to commercial window cleaning, abseil access is a tried-and-tested method for achieving sparkling results, every time. Descending the façade of your building via industrial strength ropes, our experienced technicians are granted maximum flexibility to clean even the most awkwardly situated of buildings.

Is abseil cleaning right for my building or structure?

Most businesses want their property and windows to look their best. When deciding on the right cleaning service for your building, sometimes the only viable solution is abseil cleaning. This is often the case for high-rise buildings where no other options are possible.

With Aquamark Cleaning’s professional team, you can be confident that we’ll expertly advise you on the most appropriate techniques for your project. But, if you’d like to find out at a glance whether abseil cleaning might be right for your building or structure, read on!

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What does the abseil access service involve?

With every service that Aquamark Cleaning undertakes, you’ll know you’re getting the very highest standards in the business. All our abseil technicians are Industrial Rope Access Trade Association trained which means that we tackle each job adhering to all health and safety concerns, while also producing the very best results.

Using specialist safety equipment and harnesses, our cleaners are able to lower themselves down from the top of your building, reaching any area that needs cleaning. This is also useful if there are awkward areas to clean or any obstacles preventing cradle access.

What are the benefits of abseil cleaning?

Our abseil services are one of the quickest, most efficient methods of cleaning your windows. It doesn’t require our team to block your entrances or move bulky equipment through your building, making it one of the least disruptive and most cost efficient cleaning techniques available.

  • No height limitation

  • Causes minimal disruptions

  • Ideal for awkward access situations

  • Safe when cleaning hard to reach windows

  • Can be used on a variety of commercial building and grounds

  • A flexible alternative to other cleaning methods

All of our operatives are fully trained and qualified to carry out the work, meeting health and safety standards every time. We’ll also carry out a survey and risk assessment of your site to ensure the work can be carried out as safely as possible.

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