Now: Meet your health and safety requirements with anchor point testing from Aquamark

Here at Aquamark, we’re pleased to offer our clients anchor point testing services, in addition to our broad range of complementary cleaning services, such as: solar panel cleaning and power washing.
Anchor Point Testing in London and Surrey

What is anchor point testing and does my property need it?


When it comes to window cleaning, anchor points – or eyebolts as they’re also called – enable your abseiling team to affix their equipment to all the right places on your building’s façade, and let them travel up and down the property with ease.

Commercial window cleaning equipment is heavy, and your team will be working from many storeys up. So quite simply, you’ll want to:

  • Ensure that your anchor points are strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear

  • Guarantee that you’re complying with all health and safety legislation

  • Sleep soundly knowing your property is appropriately maintained.

Our testing service evaluates every eyebolt on your building, ensuring they meet the proper health and safety standards called for both legally and ethically.

Anchor point testing with Aquamark


As a team of commercial window cleaning professionals, we know a thing or two about anchor points. That’s why it makes so much sense to do it all under one roof, and let your window cleaners assess the anchor points before commencing work. We’ll have thorough knowledge of your building and will be able to provide the appropriate advice going forward.

We’ve invested in a specialist machine that will expertly test your eyebolts. Two members of the Aquamark team will be your designated and dedicated anchor point testers, offering extensive expertise on this particular feature and carrying all the relevant certificates.

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Whether you’ve already got your own window cleaning team but are looking for assistance with your eyebolts, or you’d like us to take care of both services under one roof, contact our friendly professionals for more information.

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