Anchor Point testing For abseil window cleaning


Anchor point testing for commercial window cleaning

Abseil window cleaning requires high-level cleaning; so, window cleaners must ensure that a commercial window clean will operate safely before it commences.

Anchor points are an essential factor in safe and effective window cleaning. It’s these features of the building that enable an abseiling (also known as rope access window cleaning) window team to ascend and descend safely to provide an exceptional clean.

Anchor points are a part of a building structure that needs to be totally reliable, which is why testing them is crucial for your commercial and residential block window cleaning.


What Exactly Are Anchor Points?

For commercial window cleaning, anchor points, also known as eyebolts – allow an abseiling team to attach their equipment to all the right places on your commercial building’s façade.

Anchor points allow commercial window cleaners to travel up and
down a building with ease and assurance that they’re operating safely.

Let’s Discuss Your Anchor Point Testing Needs

anchor point testing for abseiling - commercial window cleaning

The Importance Of Anchor Point Testing

Having secure and reliable anchor points are important when undergoing abseiling. When there are unsafe eyebolts and anchor points, it can lead to serious health and safety risks, such as:

– Health and safety issues that may result in injury to abseil cleaning staff.

  • – Lack of compliance – health and safety legislations are important for every business and ensuring the safety of working conditions is a big part of this.
  • – Damage to your building because of an incident that can occur without anchor points being sufficiently tested.




Your building will need appropriate anchor point testing with an abseil cleaning because, without it, it’ll not only cause damage to your building, but it also has the potential for human cost in terms of injuries and fatalities.


Does My Property Need Anchor Point Testing?

Commercial window cleaning equipment is heavy, and your team will be working from many storeys up, cleaning high rise windows. So quite simply, you’ll want to:

  • Ensure that your anchor points are strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Guarantee that you’re complying with all health and safety legislation
  • Have peace of mind knowing your property is appropriately maintained


Our testing service evaluates every eyebolt on your building, ensuring they meet the proper health and safety standards called for both legally and ethically checks.

This means that we can easily draw up a full report of your commercial and apartment block window cleaning (including images, certificates, and dates) to see when we last checked them.

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