This is often a peak time of year for many retail outlets with shoppers scrambling to find that perfect gift and New Year sales attracting those who want to see what bargains they can get their hands on. A dirty shop can deter customers from coming through the door, so it may be time to give its front an overhaul to entice them in. Here’s our easy guide for increasing visitors in your shop this Christmas.

Retail cleaning guides: attracting Christmas shoppers | Aquamark CleaningChristmas Décor

A great way of grabbing the attention of shoppers as they walk past is attractive displays which could include tasteful decorations, a festive scene or even posters which advertise early sales in your store. Don’t let grime and dirt on your shop front distract from anything you’ve invested time and money in to increase sales at this important time of year for retail businesses.

Good Lighting

We often see shops around the country lighting up their shop fronts with illuminated festive displays, using ambient lighting and spotlights to set a magical scene. Some even choose to use gentle floodlighting above their signs when it gets dark. Another side effect of enticing shoppers in with this method is that it can highlight dirty areas of your shop front more easily, including any marks on your windows, so it’s important to get a thorough commercial clean beforehand.

Step Outside

Some businesses tend to focus on their windows when asking a commercial cleaning company for help at Christmas, but ensure you look at the entire façade. Does the brickwork need some serious graffiti removal? Is your main shop sign covered in grime and dirt? You should also look at the immediate area surrounding your shop. Do you have a ramp, stairs or paving which could do with a power wash? Step outside and look at the overall view shoppers have of your business. If located in a large building, you can even book a façade inspection service if you have slack advertisements and banners which need to be repositioned.

Reducing Closure Risks

Business disruptions at this time of year are disastrous for many shops, and one of the main issues buildings have around the country during this season is water leaks. With changes in the weather causing freezing temperatures and downpours, existing problems with your roof or guttering can suddenly become a major issue. As well as getting your roof and façade inspected, it’s the ideal time to clean your guttering. During high winds, leaves, stones and debris become compacted in your gutters and downpipes, which could lead to water damage in your building. Consequences include anything from unsightly damp patches on the side of your property to leaks which damage your stock, flooring and ability to provide a safe environment for staff and shoppers. Luckily, gutters can be easily cleaned by a professional using an Omnipole GutterVac, designed to break up compacted debris and remove it from ground level.

Want to give your shop front an overhaul?

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