When first built, commercial buildings are shiny and new, but over time, a number of factors contribute to them looking tired and dirty. Unfortunately, something as simple as a dirty shop front or a high-rise office block covered in grime can deter potential clients from using your business. If you would like to restore the look of your building, here are a few factors to consider.

Do you want to get your building back to looking its best? Restore a clean & professional appearance with specialist commercial cleaning services. Includes the Torik cleaning system, window cleaning & gutter cleaning.Identifying the Issues

One of the first ways to determine why your property is no longer looking its best is to assess and identify the types of grime affecting your building. This can be anything from dirt ingrained on its surface to graffiti and chewing gum creating an unsightly appearance. You may also notice a build-up of vegetation such as algae and moss which can cause permanent damage to the structure of the façade if left to spread.

Age of the Building

While fairly new buildings which are built with modern materials are sometimes easier to clean, those with glass reinforced concrete or older properties may require a less aggressive cleaning approach. This includes old sandstone buildings in the heart of London. A great solution for washing these delicate buildings is the Torik cleaning system. This method provides a gentler, deep clean which is highly effective and may even help uncover the original colour of the building. It’s a technique which uses super-heated steam to remove all grime, including oil, fungi and dirt, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Don’t Forget about Windows, Signs, Solar Panels & Gutters

It’s not just the stonework which needs cleaning to restore the professional look of a building. Consider all other features, including window glazing, solar panels on the roof and signs attached to your property. If you’re having issues with damp on the side of the building or leaks, consider that you may also need your gutters cleaning to prevent them from becoming blocked to the point of overflowing. While you could be worried that some of these spots are difficult to reach, a specialist commercial cleaning company will have a number of options available. This even includes advanced methods such as abseil window cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

While brickwork and masonry are built to last, they’re not entirely maintenance-free. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of the condition of your building’s façade, including keeping its glazing sparkling all year round, regular cleaning services are the ideal solution. This means grime and dirt are dealt with early before becoming deeply ingrained in the fabric of the building.

Want to restore the look of your building?

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