How to Clean Large Apartment Complexes


When large blocks of flats and modern apartment complexes are built, they often look shiny and new. However, they soon succumb to the elements and pick up airborne particles and pollution which can make the windows, façade and outside areas look anything but pristine. Luckily, there are solutions available which make it easier than ever to ensure your building maintains the condition in which it was built. […]

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Does Your Building’s Anchor Points Need Repairing?


Your building may have anchor points which are the stainless steel eyebolts that have safety and fall arrest equipment connected to them via a lanyard. Because the equipment used by cleaning operatives is heavy and they work from height, you must ensure these eyebolts are in good condition. That’s why anchor point testing services are so vital for any business who has them. Here are some of the key points to know about getting them tested and repaired. […]

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Attract Christmas Shoppers with a Shop Front Overhaul


This is often a peak time of year for many retail outlets with shoppers scrambling to find that perfect gift and New Year sales attracting those who want to see what bargains they can get their hands on. A dirty shop can deter customers from coming through the door, so it may be time to give its front an overhaul to entice them in. Here’s our easy guide for increasing visitors in your shop this Christmas. […]

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Combined Commercial Cleaning Approaches Explained


When working with a range of commercial clients, we understand just how important it is to plan cleaning correctly, affecting the results for how your property’s exterior looks, as well as the efficiency at which it’s cleaned. Offering various cleaning techniques, from abseil window cleaning to Torik steam cleaning, we know it’s not always as simple as choosing a single method to clean your building. Sometimes, a combined approach is necessary to achieve the best outcomes. Here’s our guide to how to make multiple commercial cleaning services work for you. […]

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How to Remove Graffiti from Your Commercial Property


Many would agree that graffiti is one of the most unsightly things to see when it comes to looking at a commercial property. Not only is the content often offensive or brightly coloured, but it can also cause much frustration and inconvenience to business owners who have had their property vandalised. While it’s one of the more challenging types of debris to remove from a building, there are some techniques which make the process easier than ever, helping to minimise business disruptions. […]

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Best Ways to Restore the Original Look of a Building


When first built, commercial buildings are shiny and new, but over time, a number of factors contribute to them looking tired and dirty. Unfortunately, something as simple as a dirty shop front or a high-rise office block covered in grime can deter potential clients from using your business. If you would like to restore the look of your building, here are a few factors to consider. […]

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How to Ensure Buildings Are Cleaned Safely


While achieving sparkling windows and thoroughly cleaned commercial properties is our aim here at Aquamark Cleaning, carrying out our cleaning techniques in the safest manner possible is our main priority. Health and safety guidelines must be considered throughout our entire processes to protect both our operatives and anyone else around the building. Here are some of the best ways to ensure buildings are cleaned safely. […]

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Chemical-free Window Cleaning – Can Offer Better Results


It’s a common misconception that to get windows sparkling clean, you have to use a harsh blend of chemicals. While we’ve all heard of homemade cleaning solutions using ingredients such as lemon and vinegar, this isn’t something which is viable or appropriate to remove the vast amount of dirt and grime which has built up on the windows and façades of commercial buildings. That’s why we’ve invested in techniques suitable for cleaning large areas, using environmentally friendly methods which get the best results. Sound good? Here’s how we’ve implemented green window cleaning techniques throughout our services. […]

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Washing Delicate Buildings Safely


We often consider access when choosing the best commercial cleaning method for a business, recommending a technique which will help clean every part of a building effectively and safely. However, the age or condition of a building should also affect which cleaning service is chosen. For those premises which are more delicate than others, a gentler approach is sometimes required. That’s where Torik cleaning offers an ideal solution, cleaning both stonework and brick masonry. […]

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