Why is winter so important for window cleaning?


Now that winter is definitely here many people assume that window cleaning needs are no longer important. Clean windows are less crucial when the sun is weaker and most window cleaners won’t work when the summer ends anyway – right? This is actually a false assumption as a professional window cleaning service is able to work all year round and makes a valuable contribution to the look and feel of the building, whatever the time of year.   Why clean your windows in winter? To maintain an aesthetic. Dirty windows are dirty windows, whether it’s deepest darkest January or sunny June. [...]

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Why should you use professional commercial window cleaners?


Windows come with a fairly heavy maintenance burden. Even during the winter months it’s still key to ensure that your windows are clean and well maintained so that they are supporting the perception of your business and helping to create a positive interior environment. Working with professional commercial windows cleaners can help to take the burden of scheduling cleaning and maintenance off your business and provide peace of mind when it comes to what you’re projecting to the outside world.   Why use a professional window cleaning service? Professional commercial window cleaners offer a range of benefits to any building owner [...]

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Why is window cleaning important all-year round?


The impact that the windows on a commercial building can have is often taken for granted. Many offices and retail units today are constructed from a large amount of glass and while this is can create a great look, aesthetically speaking, it does need some maintenance. If you’re keen to ensure that your building remains appealing – and is a healthy environment for its occupants all year round - then window cleaning is going to be an important consideration.   The Vitamin D effect Clean windows allow sunlight in. Sunlight on the skin is one of the most effective ways for [...]

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Why should you do a post-construction clean?


Construction can create a lot of headaches, from the inconvenience to the costs involved. However, one of the most frustrating is often the mess that is left behind after a construction project. Clean up is rarely part of the paid for process for a construction team and this, all too often, falls to the staff of a business who should be adding value elsewhere. If you’re planning a construction project, or you’ve just completed one, it’s worth giving some thought to why you should do a post-construction clean.   Fast and efficient If you’ve already been dealing with a period of [...]

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How can clean windows help keep tenants happy?


If there is one thing that everyone who occupies the same building can agree on it’s that clean windows make a big difference. You might have a range of different tenants, from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, but clean windows can help to keep all of them happy. If you’re considering a window cleaning service for your building there are a number of reasons why this can contribute to a better experience for your tenants and your business too.   That all important first impression Dirty, streaked, cloudy windows do not make a good impression on anyone. Whether you’re trying to [...]

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Avoid these common problems by cleaning your gutters


Gutters don’t get a lot of attention when it comes to buildings but they actually have an essential function to fulfil. While you might be more likely to notice features such as brickwork or windows than such small structural details, it’s often difficult to ignore the problems that can be created if gutters don’t get the attention that they need. If you want to avoid some key building issues then it’s essential to get your gutters regularly cleaned.   Why invest in regular gutter cleaning? To preserve the condition of the roof. If you don’t pay regular attention to your gutters [...]

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Do I need to clean my windows if it’s raining?


If you’ve ever watched window cleaning taking place then you’ll have seen that there is more involved than simply sluicing the glass with water. Effectively, when it rains, this is all that is happening – Mother Nature is tipping gallons of water down the outside of your windows. Although this can sometimes help to prolong the effects of a proper window clean, it’s no substitute for one. So, even in the middle of a rainy winter it’s still important to ensure that you’ve got plans for window cleaning in place.   Rainwater can be contaminated Although the days of smog and [...]

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Why clean your office windows?


How much does the state of your windows really affect the business? On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being not much, the answer is a definite 10. Building windows are one of those architectural components that contribute a lot, both to the outside aesthetics and to the internal environment too. Ensuring that you have a regular schedule of cleaning in place means that you’ll get the benefits of windows that are being properly looked after. The benefits of clean office windows Nurturing your business reputation. First impressions really count in business and there is probably no first impression more [...]

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Using a problem-solving approach to window cleaning


Every building today integrates windows and these need to be maintained to a high standard, not just for aesthetic purposes but for wellness and health and safety too. Many modern constructions are made up of huge swathes of glass exteriors but may be awkwardly located or have architecture that looks like it will make it difficult to keep these surfaces clean. Thanks to the technology and methods that are now available for window cleaning, there are many different options for ensuring that a building exterior remains in great shape. At Aquamark we use a problem-solving approach to window cleaning to ensure [...]

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How to deal with water and salt stains on your windows


Window stains are just not attractive. They can cause ongoing issues with window performance if not efficiently dealt with and also affect the quality of light that interiors receive too. In the UK, water and salt stains can be pretty common, especially if you’ve made the mistake of washing windows during hot weather or you live in a coastal area. If you want to make sure that your windows look great whatever the conditions or your surroundings there are some simple ways to deal with water and salt stains. What causes water and salt stains? Glass often looks like it has [...]

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