6 Benefits Of Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Water-Fed Poles

The water-fed pole (also known as the reach-and-wash system) is a versatile and trustworthy tool when it comes to cleaning your residential and commercial windows.

It can reach heights up to 85 feet, and therefore, can reach heights that other hand-held tools cannot reach. A water-fed pole successfully enables windows to be cleaned accurately, efficiently, and safely from the ground.

If you’re thinking about using water-fed poles for the buildings you manage, here are just some of the many benefits of using the system for commercial window cleaning

#1 Water-fed Poles Are Environmentally Friendly

Whether your business is eco-focused, or you’re looking to be more socially responsible, water-fed pole cleaning is well aligned with a more environmentally friendly outlook.

Water-fed pole window cleaning systems operate using purified water which doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents and, as such, is an environmentally friendly solution.

While water-fed poles are exceptional water savers and reduce the amount of water that is wasted during the window cleaning process, pure water guarantees that, any water that comes into contact with surrounding plant life doesn’t cause any harm.

Purified water also delivers better results to dirty windows as it works to remove any impurities – working to make your commercial or residential windows shine.

#2 It Can Deliver A Safe Commercial Window Clean

Ladders are often associated with reach and wash window cleaning, but of course, this doesn’t make for a practical (or realistic) solution on large commercial/residential properties.

Due to operatives not using ladders to access the windows, water-fed poles are a much safer and a more efficient option as window cleaners operate on the ground. They’re a good solution for cleaning higher storey buildings without requiring fall-arrest equipment.

To ensure safe practices, water-fed pole window cleaners take part in 2-day safety and training course to make sure that they’re operating as carefully and effectively as they can. Operating a pole that’s capable of reaching heights over eighty feet is a specialist discipline, which is why intense training is required.



#3 Water-fed Poles Can Reach Heights Up To 85 feet

Having a window cleaning solution like water-fed poles – you will not have to worry about having an effective cleaning solution for your high-rise building.

The benefits of a reach-and-wash system attaining heights up to 85 feet means that it’ll still be able to successfully clean awkward angles and hard-to-reach areas.

When you consider the equipment and manpower required for, say, abseil window cleaning, a water-fed pole solution may be just what you need – particularly if your building sits within the specified height of eighty-five feet.


#4 Looking For A Cost-Effective Solution?

Many of the reasons highlighted above mean that water-fed pole window cleaning makes for a much more cost-effective solution. To recap:

  • You are using fewer cleaning operatives
  • Less heavy-duty equipment
  • Reduction in fuel
  • Takes less time

If you’re looking for a cost-effective window cleaning solution, the water-fed pole can work to give you an exceptional clean whilst still being cost-effective.

#5 Avoiding Disruption With Water-Fed Poles

Some cleaning systems can end up obstructing access to buildings, obstructing those who are trying to work inside and interrupting members of the public when there are road closures.

You can avoid disruption with a water-fed pole system, which is quiet, unobtrusive, and mobile. Having no machinery at ground level means that it will not get in the way of workers, residents, or members of the public.


#6 An Overall Exceptional Clean

Working with water-fed poles enables flexibility when it comes to cleaning the outside of the building. So, even where there are different structures to cope with – such as signs, cladding or canopies – these don’t cause issues or obstruction when it comes to achieving an impressive clean.  
It also works to clean window frames, as well as windows in one clean, increasing efficiency for the buildings that you manage.




Water-fed poles for residential and commercial window cleaning is one of the most popular window cleaning services on the market, due to its range of associated benefits.

This cleaning solution can provide you with an accurate and thorough clean that’ll leave your windows shining.

If you want to find more about water-fed poles, get in touch today.


About Aquamark

Aquamark recognises the diversity of issues that come with managing large residential and commercial properties. That’s why they’ve designed a unique approach to commercial window and glass cleaning that creates valuable customer experiences for all.

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They are not only recognised as a highly credible commercial window cleaning company in London but nationwide across the UK. This is down to their extended commercial window cleaning offering which includes: abseiling window cleaningcradle window cleaning, water-fed pole window cleaning, cherry pickerconstruction cleans, building cleans and commercial gutter cleans.

When you’re looking at renewing your contract for window cleaning for a reliable, high-quality clean with professional window cleaners, or you want to explore which solution is most suited to the building you manage, contact the team at Aquamark.

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