Abseil Window Cleaning Vs Water-Fed Poles

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Abseil Window Cleaning

Construction today uses a lot of glass in buildings. With this, comes a lot of advantages from increasing natural light and the aesthetic design.

There are commitments to cleaning the glass to ensure the glass is sparkly clean and dusty views doesn’t hide skylines.

This can become difficult for high-rise window cleaning for buildings with unique shapes – so it’s important to choose the right window cleaning service for your building.

Both abseiling (also known as rope access window cleaning) and water-fed poles have their strengths at how they clean windows. This blog can help you decide which is the best window cleaning solution for you…


What Are The Advantages To Abseil Window Cleaning?

Abseil Window Cleaning Vs Water-Fed Poles

For large residential and commercial buildings, abseiling is often the go-to solution for high-level window cleaning. This is due to the benefits of service.


Residential block window cleaning on large sites can set aside some time to get all the window cleaned.


Abseiling allows for window cleaners to be free in their developments, sparing time and hassle.


It’s A Safe Option For Hard-To-Reach Areas

Just by walking through the streets of London, you can see how buildings have evolved with their shapes and sizes. This includes designs like arched roofs, rounded buildings, awkward corners and more.

Whilst gliding high, abseilers clean windows exceptionally well whilst complying with all health and safety measures in place.


With the use of high strength ropes, pulleys, and braking equipment, abseilers lower themselves over edges of buildings like office blocks and large residential properties whilst they’re safe and secure.

Abseiling can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas with no height restrictions due to not having to have machinery at ground level. This makes it the ideal solution for any high rise building.

It Causes Minimal Disruptions

Different solutions can involve closures to clean the windows of the structure. Having no machinery at ground level means that office workers and tenants can continue with no interruption to their days.

It also ensures local pedestrians aren’t being disturbed, as access in developed areas can be restricted.


What Are The Advantages To Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Abseil Window Cleaning Vs Water-Fed Poles

The water-fed pole, sometimes referred to as a reach-and-wash system, is a versatile and trustworthy tool. It involves a pole from the ground floor that can reach up to 70 feet.


It’s used to provide effective cleaning to a range of buildings up to 7 floors. With the use of filtered water, it can deliver an exceptional result without a hefty price.

The brush on the end of the water-fed pole loosens any grime and dirt on the window, while the pure water washes it away – meaning no scrubbing or close-up cleaning is necessary.


It Provides A Safe Solution

Ladders are not often used in commercial window cleaning, as the size of the buildings is usually too large and water-fed poles are a much safer and more effective option.

This is because window cleaners can reach areas of glass beyond their natural reach without having to take their feet off the ground, with window cleaning poles.

They are a great option for cleaning elevated storeys without requiring fall-arrest equipment.


It’s Environmentally Friendly

Water-fed poles are free from harsh chemicals or detergents and use pure water to remove impurities. This provides an environmentally friendly option for cleaning windows.

While water-fed poles are brilliant water savers and lessen the amount of water that’s wasted, pure water guarantees that, if any water does come into contact with nearby plant life, it won’t cause any damage.


Whilst both solutions have their benefits, abseil window cleaning is the option for you if your building is above 70 feet with tight or awkward angles.

Water-fed poles deliver great, environmentally friendly results for buildings up to 70 feet and where access can be attainable from the ground level.

Before any window cleaning commences, we arrange a site visit to assess the best option for the building. This includes checking access points and safety equipment in places such as cradles, anchor points or the grounds space for machinery. Get in touch today to book your free site assessment and to discover more of our commercial window cleaning services.



About Aquamark

Aquamark recognises the diversity of issues that come with managing large residential and commercial properties. That’s why they’ve designed a unique approach to commercial window and glass cleaning that creates valuable customer experiences for all.

With their unique In-Touch Live Status Checker, you are kept updated with what has already been cleaned, what is currently being cleaned and what’s still left to clean, in just a few clicks.

This gives you full transparency-allowing you to focus on work priorities, whilst they focus on implementing the most effective window cleaning programme for the building.

They are not only recognised as a highly credible commercial window cleaning company in London but nationwide across the UK. This is down to their extended commercial window cleaning offering which includes: abseiling window cleaningcradle window cleaning, water-fed pole window cleaning, cherry pickerconstruction cleans, building cleans and commercial gutter cleans.

When you’re looking at renewing your contract for window cleaning for a reliable, high-quality clean with professional window cleaners, or you want to explore which solution is most suited to the building you manage, contact the team at Aquamark.

You can book your slot for a free site assessment here, or if you’d prefer to chat, pick a time that best suits you.

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