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by | Feb 16, 2017 | Anchor Point Testing

If your commercial property requires regular cradle or abseil window cleaning (perhaps because it is a particularly tall building, or an unusual shape), it needs to be properly equipped to keep the window cleaners safe.

An abseil team’s safety harness is no good if it is not attached to a strong, secure and fully functioning anchor point, as this is what enables them to move up and down the properly easily and safely.

It’s important to have these anchor points tested regularly to ensure the safety of the window-cleaning team, and to make sure your property’s windows are cleaned quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

What Are Anchor Points?

An anchor point, or an eye bolt, consists of a bolt or bar with an eye at the end, to which lanyards and lifelines can be attached.

Anchor points can be permanent or temporary solutions, and are typically installed on your property’s roof to enable abseil window cleaners to descend and scale the building easily and safely.

They might also be installed outside individual windows so that cleaners can reach out safely, or to aid window cleaners using a cradle-access system.

They come in many forms, such as conventional eye bolts (made from galvanised or stainless steel), push locks (consisting of permanent sockets, into which the window cleaner inserts an eye bolt) and freestanding weighted anchors.

Does Your Property Need Anchor-Point Testing?

Do You Need Anchor-Point Testing?

As with any essential bit of safety equipment, it’s imperative that your anchor points are tested regularly to ensure that they’re offering the best protection for your window-cleaning team.

Any single anchor points (i.e. those installed outside windows) that are fitted as part of a fall-protection system must be inspected and certified annually, and abseil anchors (those attached to the roof) should be inspected every six months.

Every single anchor point on your building should be inspected independently, and needs to be done so by fully trained professionals, such as the Aquamark Window Cleaning team.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, simply relying on visual testing is not sufficient: anchor points should be regularly tested in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and health and safety legislation.

British Standard BS8437:2005 points out that anchor points need to be strong enough to withstand use by a worker at the “extremes of their range of movement”. If the anchor point is used by just one person, then it should be able to hold at least three times the worker’s body mass.

If used by multiple workers, the anchor point should withstand three times their combined body mass.


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