The Benefits Of Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Systems

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Water-Fed Poles

The water-fed pole is one of the window cleaner’s most versatile and trustworthy tools. Residential and commercial window cleaners alike use it to bring sparkle to high windows that other hand-held tools cannot reach. The handy contraption can reach up to 85 feet – that’s about seven storeys!

It enables windows to be cleaned accurately, efficiently and safely from the ground, rather than the cleaner having to abseil or use a cradle or cherry picker. Here are just some of the many benefits of using the water-fed pole for commercial window cleaning.

Efficiency With Commercial Window Cleaning

The water-fed pole system is incredibly versatile, so window cleaners can use it for a number of different tasks. This saves the need for multiple bits of equipment. By having the water-fed pole as the go-to solution for cleaning the first seven storeys of a building, window cleaners can work quickly and efficiently to get the building in sparkling condition.


Safety When Using Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Systems 

Ladders are not often used in commercial cleaning, as the size of the buildings is usually too large and water-fed poles are a much safer and more efficient option.

With water-fed poles, window cleaners can clean areas of glass that are beyond their natural reach without having to take their feet off the ground. They are a good option for cleaning higher storeys without requiring fall-arrest equipment.

Environmental Friendliness Of Water-Fed Pole Systems

Water-fed pole window cleaning systems use pure water, which is water that has been treated to remove any impurities. As it does not use harsh chemicals or detergents, it is an environmentally friendly option for cleaning windows.

While water-fed poles are excellent water savers and reduce the amount of water that is wasted during the window cleaning process, pure water ensures that, if any water does come into contact with surrounding plant life, it will not cause any damage.

A Sparkling Finish With Professional Window Cleaning

The pure water system that is used with water-fed poles systems means that a better finish is achieved on the windows, as no residue is left behind from chemicals or detergents. The brush on the end of the water-fed pole loosens any grime and dirt on the window, while the pure water washes it away – meaning no scrubbing or close-up cleaning is necessary.

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, our high-tech window cleaning equipment means that we always have the right tools for the job – whether that’s a water-fed pole or a cherry picker. If your building needs cleaning, just contact us today!


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