Builders Clean: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Building Clean

There is a lot of pressure towards the end of a construction project.  It seems like everything needs to be finished NOW. Deadlines are coming closer.  I get it. I understand the pressure. Unfortunately, this is when mistakes are made. Especially with the builders clean. 

I compiled a list of the top 3 mistakes to avoid for builders cleans, so you can keep an eye out for these while still getting it the job done.  

Look out for these, and you’ll be OK:

1. Hard Water Build-Up 


Don’t leave a building too long without being cleaned. If you do then windows and cladding build up a layer of hard water sediment. This sediment is very hard. Sometimes you need an electronic sander to get it off. I know a job where they had to replace the entire façade.  

Get regular cleans to avoid this.  

2. Plan Your Access Points  

Abseiling is still one of the safest, cheapest, and fastest ways to clean a building. However, access point installation can make or break it.  

Many jobs install access points because they look good on the plans. It looks right on the drawings and reports.  

But what about the continued maintenance of the building?  

If you don’t think through this practically you’ll either have to redo elements of the roof to install new ones, or just live with poorly planned access points.  

Say the points are too far apart on a block of flats, and one residents windows are always dirty. That’s the type of thing to avoid in the planning stage.  

Or the points are too close together, and you’re spending too much money installing unnecessary access points.  

It’s these types of mistakes that you are easy to avoid if you’re looking out for them.  

3. Scheduling A Builders Clean Last Minute 

Imagine a chap blasting concrete everywhere as you’re trying to clean windows. Sounds ridiculous? I’ve seen it happen.  

This is what happens when a construction clean is left until the last minute. All the final touch contractors are there at the same time. On top of each other.  

If you schedule well in advance, then a plan can be drawn to make sure the windows are done right. Done once. And done on time.   



Builders cleans aren’t as easy as they seem. But they don’t need to be a big hassle.  

Just remember not to leave it too long, get the right amount of access points, and schedule in advance, and you’ll be golden.  

I hope this helps alleviate some of the pressure in the final stages of your project.  


About Aquamark

Aquamark recognises the diversity of issues that come with managing large residential and commercial properties. That’s why they’ve designed a unique approach to commercial window cleaning services and glass cleaning that creates valuable customer experiences for all.

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This gives you full transparency-allowing you to focus on work priorities, whilst they focus on implementing the most effective high-level window cleaning solution for the building.

They are not only recognised as a highly credible commercial window cleaning company in London but nationwide across the UK. This is down to their extended commercial window cleaning offering which includes: abseiling window cleaningcradle window cleaning, water-fed pole window cleaning, cherry pickerconstruction cleans, building cleans and commercial gutter cleans.

When you’re looking at renewing your contract for window cleaning for a reliable, high-quality clean with professional window cleaners, or you want to explore which solution is most suited to the building you manage, contact the team at Aquamark. You can also be assured that full health and safety is carried out.

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