Is the Outside of Your Building Safe? Commercial Window Cleaning

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Health & Safety

When working in a commercial building, the safety of staff, visitors and anyone passing by is paramount. Whether you own or manage the building, this means ensuring health and safety practices around the premises are adhered to. However, while companies often focus on the parts of the building they have access to, some forget about the harder to reach areas such as the property’s façade.

However, this could be putting others at risk.

Business property safety guides - is your façade safe? | Aquamark Cleaning
The Importance of Your Building’s Façade

Dangers around your property don’t just include those on the inside which are easy to see. The outside of a building can also pose risks, so it’s important to regularly check for anything you can see which isn’t the norm. The quality of a façade can determine whether the safety of those at street level is being put at risk by any hazards on your building.

These are often caused by weathering which can cause fractures in the stonework. Many issues will be difficult to detect from the ground, so the involvement of a qualified professional is key. They will also inspect other elements such as overhead glazing and curtain walling systems.

What Are the Risks?

Some of the most common risks posed by a building’s façade include loose or hanging material, including masonry, advertisements and banners. Any loose elements above a public right of way present a potential hazard. As an occupying business or a property owner, you must ensure you adhere to health and safety legislation by taking reasonable steps to limit and manage the risks. Regular inspections reduce the chances of injuries, claims or even reputational damage.

How to Safeguard Your Building

Luckily, façade inspection experts are available to professionally survey the outside of your property. These trained, certified specialists will abseil down the side of your building, checking every part of the exterior, including those which are impossible to see from ground level. Look for an inspector who offers bespoke services as every company’s needs will vary.

Some have specific concerns about an issue they need inspecting, whereas others want a regular check-up to ensure ongoing health and safety standards are upheld. You may even require photographs to be taken of external elevation areas to risk assess for hazards. Experts can also look for other problems which may affect how insulated, dry and ventilated your property is.

Want to know the outside of your building is safe? Get peace of mind with regular professional inspections.

If you would like to ensure the exterior of your building is kept in a safe condition, our qualified team at Aquamark Cleaning offer façade inspection services. After listening to your needs as a business, we put together a comprehensive plan to complete your survey, carrying out the work as quickly and efficiently as we can, minimising any disruption to you. Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your needs.



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