Commercial Window Cleaning: Repairing Building Anchor Points

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Anchor Point Testing

Your building may have anchor points which are the stainless steel eye bolts that have safety and fall arrest equipment connected to them via a lanyard. Because the equipment used by cleaning operatives is heavy and they work from height, you must ensure these eye bolts are in good condition.

That’s why anchor point testing services are so vital for any business who has them. Here are some of the key points to know about getting them tested and repaired for commercial window cleaning services.

What Are Anchor Points Used For During Commercial Window Cleaning?

One of the main uses of anchor points is for abseil window cleaning. Trained and qualified abseilers fix their equipment on different points of the building to clean your commercial property easily and safely.

They may be cleaning awkward spots on your façade, ensuring windows are left sparkling or even reattaching a sign to your building. That’s why you may see eye bolts on the roof, as well as outside individual windows.

It also means cleaners can safely travel up and down to carry out their work as efficiently as possible via a securely fastened harness.

What Does Health & Safety Legislation Say?

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive sets out the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). This details the requirements for employers to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of employees are protected (as much as is reasonably practical) and that others aren’t exposed to risk by their actions.

This is followed up by the Work at Height Regulations (2005) which requires those managing the job to plan, organise and supervise commercial window cleaning activities appropriately.

The lanyards used by a cleaning operative should be energy-absorbing, creating a line to connect a full-body harness to any anchor points which should reduce the impact of a fall. All anchor points must be periodically inspected by someone competent to do so.

Importance of Anchor Point Repairs

Anchor point testing is essential if you want to meet your health and safety requirements as well as protect those who use the eye bolts. A commercial cleaning company should always have safety processes in place to risk assess a job before it begins, but it’s also important to routinely have your anchor points tested regularly.

This ensures they can withstand the everyday wear and tear they’ll face from both the elements and those who use them. It also gives you the peace of mind you’re complying with health and safety legislation and not putting others at unnecessary risk. If any of these tests detect an issue, repairs will be essential before anchor points can be used.

What Happens During Inspection Services?

Once you’ve found a specialist who is experienced at anchor point testing, they will inspect and evaluate each eye bolt individually. Even one faulty anchor point can risk the safety of those using them, as well as those below. One of the best ideas is to have them tested before your commercial windows are cleaned.

However, those who test the anchor points must have the relevant qualification to allow them to undertake the inspection. If there are any repairs required, it’s essential the anchor points are not used until this has been carried out and they are cleared for use. Your testers can recommend repair services who they know will complete a professional job.

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