How To Clean Gutters In Hard-To-Reach Taller Buildings

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Gutter Cleaning

The key to great architectural aesthetics is often in the detail. Something as small as an overflowing gutter can ruin the impression that your building makes on visitors. Plus, it can become a source of damage if not dealt with.

No matter where your gutters are located, even if they are in hard-to-reach taller buildings, there is a way to ensure that they are clean and maintained throughout the year.


Why Is It So Important To Take Care Of Your Gutters?


Regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance and not something that any business should skip, the same applies for commercial window cleaning. There are some very good reasons why you need to make gutter maintenance a priority:

  • Blocked or broken gutters can do damage to the rest of the building. There are many different types of issues that can result from gutters that are not regularly cleaned and maintained. For example, they may cause damp or waterlogging and may even be responsible for leaks or weakened foundations. Fixing these issues can be expensive and may result in some serious business disruption too.
  • The problem of rot. Where blocked gutters cause wood to start rotting this may result in an infestation of the building, from mice and rats to insects. This can be incredibly difficult to remedy and may make certain areas of the building inaccessible while it is being done.
  • Bad visuals. Where gutters are blocked or damaged they tend to lead to ugly aesthetics and even to water streaming down the side of the building, leaving unattractive stains and discolouration. Regular cleaning helps to ensure that gutters won’t do damage to the look of your building in this way.


Gutters Cleaning: How To Clean In Hard-To-Reach Areas

In can be tempting to try and forget about the gutters and hope for the best if they are located in a part of the building that is not easy to get to. However, there are some very efficient methods that mean that, no matter where your gutters are, they can be regularly cleaned and maintained.

  • Cherry pickers. This cleaning equipment is positioned on the ground and has a hydraulic arm that raises a cleaning technician to the right height to deal with the gutters.
  • Cradle cleaning. Cleaning staff are lowered quickly and efficiently in a cradle down the outside of the building to take care of any gutter issues.
  • Abseil cleaning. For those gutters that are in a very difficult location on a tall building, specially trained operatives can abseil down the building to reach them.
  • Omni-cam systems. For buildings up to 60ft tall an omni-cam system can be the most efficient way to deal with gutters on a regular basis. This involves a long pole with a mini video camera attached, which can be used to evaluate the state of the gutters. Telescopic suction tubes effectively remove any gutter debris and any material that has become compacted is broken up with a spike. Then a pressure washer can be used to clean the gutter.

Clean, clear gutters are essential to good building maintenance. No matter what the size and design of your building, there are ways to ensure that your gutters are properly maintained all year round.

If you’ve been putting off your gutter clearance, or if you can’t remember the last time you had your gutters cleaned, get in touch today to see how we can help.



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