Is Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Effective For High-Rise Buildings?

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Water-Fed Poles

Cleaning the windows of a high-rise structure comes with its own set of obstacles and considerations, especially if you’re the building owner or management in charge of choosing a window cleaning service.

It‘s commonly believed that water-fed poles (also known as reach-and-wash window cleaning) do not have the capabilities to clean high-rise buildings.

This myth isn’t true – water-fed poles are capable of reaching heights of up to 85 feet, so if your high-rise building is below this level, reach-and-wash might be the ideal window cleaning option for you.

Given the importance of cost and quality of outcome in your decision-making process, water-fed poles can provide a safe and affordable window clean.

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at the water-fed pole window cleaning method, to see if it’s right for your building.

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Is Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Effective For High-Rise Buildings?


What is Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Water-fed pole window cleaning is used to agitate and lift dirt off the glass whilst the water loosens dirt and debris, providing a pure water rinse, and allowing the panes to dry clear. This is achieved through the use of telescopic poles that are equipped with brushes and water jets.

Water-fed pole window cleaning has two distinct advantages: safety and efficiency.

Operatives work from ground level, meaning they are not required to scale a building and they don’t require any fall-arrest apparatus. . This may eliminate risks associated with working at height.

Note, however: appropriate safety measures are put in place for all window cleaning services.

For you, the property owner or manager, you get a much more efficient service. Fewer operatives are needed and no heavy machinery is used – particularly when compared to cradle window cleaning and abseiling.

Water-fed pole window cleaning is also highly effective at cleaning awkward and tight angles due to the brush which is located at the upper end of the pole.

Another thing to think about is that they’re probably better at cleaning Juliette balconies. This means that water-fed poles can provide a thorough, high-quality clean for your high-rise structures too.



Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Safety

Despite the fact that water-fed pole window cleaning takes place at ground level, a window cleaning company must follow certain safety requirements.

If you want to hire a window cleaning company that operates safely and efficiently, look for one that prioritises training and compliance.

Steering a pole capable of reaching heights of over 85 feet is a professional discipline, which is why thorough training is required to ensure the safety of the general public and the window cleaners at the task.

Having said this, water-fed poles are considerably safer than other traditional window cleaning methods like ladders as there is no risk of falling.


Water-Fed Poles Can Be Used On Commercial Buildings Too

Are you thinking about using a water-fed pole window cleaner but aren’t sure if they’re suitable for high-rise commercial buildings?

It’s also commonly believed that water-fed poles are exclusively used in domestic applications, but they’re also very good at cleaning commercial buildings too with the use of purified water to get rid of dirt.

So, don’t rule out water-fed poles just yet… it can deliver a professional window cleaner for the buildings that you manage, whether your buildings are residential or commercial.


Achieve High-Rise Window Cleaning With Less Manpower

When compared to other window cleaning options, you can obtain remarkable results in a fraction of the time because of the simplicity of the equipment used in a water-fed pole window clean.

Many customers we interact with are unaware that water-fed pole window cleaning is a better alternative for them, one that can increase efficiency while also being more cost-effective.



In summary, water-fed pole window cleaning is a safe and environmentally friendly technique that effectively cleans high-rise window buildings to deliver exceptional results.

If you’d like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.




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