How can clean windows and surfaces transform your office?


Easter is just around the corner, the daffodils are starting to bloom and there have been a few days when it’s almost felt warm enough to leave the coat at home. Spring is definitely on the horizon. However, while that means lighter mornings and more daylight hours, all that bright sunshine can also be incredibly harsh when it comes to exposing the smallest flaws in your office interiors. That’s particularly so when it comes to glass surfaces – especially windows.   Glass surfaces require maintenance Today, it’s common for office buildings to have multiple glass surfaces and large windows are very [...]

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How do we ensure safety when cleaning windows?


Health and safety is a crucial component in any business that involves human operators in a physical job. At Aquamark we prioritise the safety of our people, not just to ensure that they are able to work without threat or risk but also for the sake of our clients. Robust health and safety procedures not only help us to ensure legal compliance but also avoid accidents or incidents on client sites. From reputational damage through to potential claims, we understand the risks that exist and have taken steps to mitigate them.   Health and safety is a necessity in window cleaning [...]

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Solar panels help look after the planet, but who looks after your solar panels?


There are many benefits to having solar panels on an office building. Among these are the opportunities to reduce the costs of energy, as well as minimising the negative impact of office operations on the environment. Solar panels can also send a great message to clients and customers when it comes to reinforcing brand values and social responsibility. However, once they’re on your building, solar panels still need to be maintained and cleaned and that’s not something that can be managed by your in-house cleaning team.   Why it’s essential to look after your solar panels Solar panels are innovative technology [...]

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Using the Torik cleaning system to safely clean delicate buildings


Not every cleaning system is the same and there are some buildings that require a slightly gentler touch in order to get the best results. The Torik cleaning system is renowned for providing an innovative way to safely clean delicate buildings. If you’re looking to get better results from your investment in cleaning services then it could be that you need to switch to this type of cleaning approach.   What is the Torik cleaning system? It’s an alternative to jet washing equipment. Essentially, rather than the blast of water that is used to powerfully clean buildings with jet washing, Torik [...]

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How to choose the right window cleaners for your office


Anyone can clean windows, correct? Unfortunately you only have to look around an inner city area at the number of office blocks with smeared, streaky glass to know that this simply isn’t the case. Like any other service, window cleaning requires expertise in order to ensure an exceptional end result, as well as professionalism in terms of the way that the business is run. When it comes to choosing the right window cleaners for your office there are some key details to consider.   Skill and expertise Find a cleaning business that is really good at what it does – and [...]

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Why is window cleaning important for businesses?


First impressions count – that’s something that most of us learn early on in our professional lives. In a business context it can be difficult to move on from a poor first impression and that’s not just something that is limited to a face-to-face interaction. The building that your business occupies is an important part of the impression that is made on clients, candidates and customers when they arrive, whether that’s for an interview or a meeting. A clean and well-maintained façade is essential – and window cleaning has a big role to play in this.   Your employees deserve better [...]

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Is anchor point testing really that important? (Yes it is!)


Anchor points are an essential component in safe and effective window cleaning. It’s these features of the building that enable an abseiling window team to descend and ascend to clean. Anchor points are a part of a building structure that need to be totally reliable, which is why testing them often is crucial.   Anchor points – why are they necessary? Anchor points are also known as eyebolts. They are built into the façade of a structure to provide a point at which equipment can be securely fastened to support a cleaning team who are going up and down the building [...]

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Which cleaning method is best for my windows?


Commercial window cleaning services are essential for many buildings. Architecture today often integrates a large volume of glass, which looks fantastic, aesthetically speaking, – as long as it is kept sparkling clean. The only way to ensure this is the case 365 days a year is to work with a commercial window cleaning partner to keep your reflective surfaces looking good. When you do this you will have a range of choices when it comes to cleaning methods.   Cradle window cleaning This is a great option if your building is a high rise, as the cleaning can be carried out [...]

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Everything you need to know for cleaning high-rise building windows


High rise window cleaning requires specialist skill and experience to ensure great results every time. As the number of tall buildings in cities such as London has increased over the years, the demand for this service has shot up too. Most high rise structures are finished with glass. The use of glass windows allows the occupants of a building to enjoy more natural light and also has a high end aesthetic finish when viewed from the outside. However, it can present an ongoing problem for a building Facilities Manager when it comes to ensuring that the building looks good from the [...]

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How will commercial window cleaning evolve over the next few years?


Construction innovation has seen architecture evolving at an impressive pace. While this has produced some fantastically creative skylines in cities such as London, it does present challenges too. Principal among these is the challenge of commercial window cleaning. As structures get taller, more complex and are constructed with a broader range of different materials, how will commercial window cleaning need to evolve to keep up?   The challenges of commercial window cleaning in 2019 We are already in a world where there are plenty of challenges for modern window cleaning. The Shard, for example, has 11,000 glass panels and is more [...]

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