Your guide to window cleaning for the different seasons


Changeable weather in the UK can make window cleaning a challenging task. Whether it’s the difficulties of scaling heights to reach windows in blustery weather or knowing how to clean to avoid streaks in hot sun, sometimes a little knowledge goes a long way. There are lots of benefits to ensuring that windows are always clean, gleaming and dirt free – and simple ways to accomplish this no matter what the time of year. Cleaning windows in Autumn and Winter As the nights draw in and curtains and blinds are closed earlier in the day it’s easy to forget about the [...]

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How to make the most of the sun with solar panels


Investing in solar panels for your building is a smart move today. Not only does this create the potential for making savings on energy costs but it’s also a statement of intent when it comes to making a commitment to a greener future. This can be a proactive way to attract clients and customers to your business and a study also found that greener companies have more productive employees. So, solar panels are a positive investment – but how do you ensure that you make the most of the sun in the summer months? The necessity of solar panel cleaning Like [...]

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How to take care of your building exterior


There are many good reasons to take time to ensure that your building exterior looks good and is well maintained. From the impression that you make on clients to the money you can save over time by taking care of small problems to prevent big issues arising, there are lots of benefits to investing in this. No matter what the design or age of your building, looking after its exterior is simple to do. Regularly inspect the building It’s often by taking care of small problems that you can avoid the expense and hassle that is involved in dealing with issues [...]

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Why use Aquamark for your commercial window cleaning?


Commercial window cleaning can be a significant investment, especially if your building is largely glass. Specialist and experienced, Aquamark provides high quality commercial window cleaning across a wide range of different construction and facades. Our versatile team is up to any challenge and we have the expertise to ensure that you always get a great service.   Why use us? You’re not happy with your current service. It might be the finish you’re getting, the cost or the way that you’re dealt with, there are many reasons why an existing commercial window cleaning service might not be living up to expectations. [...]

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How can clean windows increase profits?


Ensuring that your office windows are regularly cleaned and maintained isn’t just about aesthetics. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that clean windows also have a big impact on revenue. Although this may sound rather unusual, even unlikely, there is actually very clear and obvious link.   Clean windows = plenty of natural light If you’re on top of a cleaning schedule when it comes to your office windows then you’ll always be making the most of the natural light available. Humans need natural light – as much of it as possible – and all of us are happier [...]

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How to clean gutters in hard-to-reach taller buildings


The key to great architectural aesthetics is often in the detail. Something as small as an overflowing gutter can ruin the impression that your building makes on visitors. Plus, it can become a source of damage if not dealt with. No matter where your gutters are located, even if they are in hard-to-reach taller buildings, there is a way to ensure that they are clean and maintained throughout the year.   Why is it so important to take care of your gutters? Regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance and not something that any business should skip. There [...]

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Why should you clean your commercial building during construction?


Of all the factors that you need to take into account during a period of construction, window cleaning isn’t one of them – right? Well, actually the answer to that is probably that you do. If you don’t want to have to deal with issues further down the line and you want to ensure that your commercial building doesn’t look a mess during the construction process then it may be essential to schedule cleaning during this time.   3 good reasons to clean your commercial building during construction Cleaning now can provide protection against issues in the future. Construction sites are [...]

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When is cherry picker window cleaning the best option?


You may have seen professional cleaners working with cherry picker equipment, often to gain access to the outside of tall buildings. Cherry pickers are known for their versatility and for supporting professional cleaning teams looking to attain a high standard of finish. But when do you know whether cherry picker window cleaning is the best option?   What is a cherry picker? It’s a piece of equipment designed specifically for cleaning services. The cherry picker is a hydraulic device with a basket fixed to the end of a hydraulic arm. Cherry pickers are highly mobile and can be transported to the [...]

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5 benefits of using professional window cleaners


Cleaning windows may seem like a simple job that anyone can do. However, the reality is that buildings today – especially offices – present a range of challenges that can make it difficult to achieve great results unless you have the right equipment and experience. If you’re looking to get the most out of your building then partnering with professional windows cleaners is the way forward.   Why use professional window cleaners? Regular, reliable cleaning to prolong the life of your windows. Buildings go through a lot today, from exposure to acid rain and other pollutants, to the impact of the [...]

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How often should you get your windows cleaned?


You might have a well established schedule for cleaning interiors but the façade of a building can often get forgotten. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that your windows may not be that accessible and you may not realise the impact that dirty windows are having on the people inside. If you’re serious about ensuring that your building is a healthy and positive environment for everyone who uses it then a regular schedule of window cleaning is essential to have.   What’s the optimum frequency for window cleaning? This is likely to be different for every building. It [...]

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