The Environmental Benefits Of Solar Panel Cleaning

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Solar Panel Cleaning

Here at Aquamark Window Cleaning, it’s always our mission to devise environmentally friendly cleaning solutions when and where we can. That’s why we’re pleased to offer solar panel cleaning in addition to our more conventional commercial window cleaning options. So today, we’re demonstrating some of the ecological benefits that come with solar panel cleaning.


Ensuring Solar Panels Are Clean For Optimal Performance Ensuring Solar Panels Are Clean For Optimal Performance


Solar Panel Cleaning Ensures Optimal Performance

As their name suggests, solar panels generate electricity from the sun, and are a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution. However, the panels need to be free from dirt and grime in order to work to their full potential. Effective solar panel cleaning from Aquamark ensures this.

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Uses Purified Water 

In terms of cleaning equipment, water-fed poles are the standard apparatus of choice. And because water-fed pole window cleaning requires pure water, they’re also beneficial to the planet. No harmful chemicals or toxins are released during the cleaning process, thereby positively affecting the surrounding atmosphere.

Solar Panel Cleaning Encourages Companies To Go Green

If a building requires solar panel cleaning, it’s likely the owner or managing agent will want prospective contract cleaners’ environmental values to align with their own. This encourages more cleaning companies to evaluate just how green their current cleaning methods are, and look into offering them if they’re not already doing so.

Aquamark Window Cleaning, for example, won a large contract with Thames Water in 2013, due in part to our conscientious approach to the planet’s well being. You can read more about the project, here.

Choose Aquamark for Environmentally Friendly Solar Panel Cleaning

At Aquamark, we’re proud of our commitment to the development of sustainable cleaning solutions, and so offer a number of environmentally friendly window cleaning methods.

If you’re similarly interested in preserving the planet and require window cleaning, get in touch on 020 8401 2375. You can also send us a message via the contact form of our website. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


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