Commercial Building Clean: Washing Delicate Buildings Safely

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Building Clean

We often consider access when choosing the best commercial window cleaning method for a business, recommending a technique which will help clean every part of a building effectively and safely. However, the age or condition of a building should also affect which cleaning service is chosen. For those premises which are more delicate than others, a gentler approach is sometimes required. That’s where Torik cleaning offers an ideal solution, cleaning both stonework and brick masonry.

Cleaning Delicate Buildings

As the weathering process occurs to materials, buildings are no exception. Older materials such as sandstone are particularly vulnerable to staining by natural weathering and airborne pollutants. This type of building is often found in the heart of cities where traffic and pollution are high in the centre of city life.

This is an issue when trying to convey a professional image throughout your company. In these cases, it’s vital that inappropriate cleaning techniques are avoided as these can even make changes to the sandstone permanent.

Torik Cleaning System

Torik cleaning provides a solution which is ideal for those buildings which are more delicate than others, yet need a deeper clean to restore their façade and uncover the original colour of the building.

Commercial cleaning buildings involve the use of a Torik machine which is a super-heated steam cleaner. Instead of using harsh chemicals or jet washers, pressurised steam is used to gently remove a wide variety of debris from the outside of the building. This includes moss, grime, algae, spores, fungi, bitumen, oil, grease or even chewing gum and graffiti.

Safe Cleaning Techniques For Buildings

Using a professional commercial cleaner with the right training to carry out a Torik cleaning service is essential. As a mobile device, the Torik steam cleaner can be used in conjunction with other services such as cherry picker cleaning with the operators taking the machine with them on the platform. This is perfect for cleaning buildings at height, but users must have the right training and safety equipment to carry out the cleaning safely.

The Torik machine can even be carried by abseil commercial window cleaners who will need to adequately secure both themselves and the steam cleaner. A professional commercial cleaning company will always carry out a Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) and give enough time to complete any other health and safety documentation you need. Ensure any company you choose offers a free consultation to discuss the best options for your type of building’s specific requirements.

Would you like your building cleaned?

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we offer a variety of cleaning techniques whatever building you’re based in. From skyscrapers to modern offices, if you would like to restore your business property to looking its best, our expert team are here for specialist help and advice. Get in touch now for a free quote or to chat about your needs.



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