What Are The Key Questions We Should Be Asking An Abseil Window Cleaning Team?

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Abseil Window Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning

Abseil window cleaning, also know as rope access window cleaning, is a popular and effective method of high rise commercial window cleaning due to it’s no height limitations, minimal disruptions and extreme flexibility.

 They say the condition of your building says a lot about the condition of your business, and it’s well known how important appearance is. Therefore when it comes to the cleaning of your high rise building, it’s important to keep it in great condition.

 With this in mind, during this article we will discover what are the key questions you should be asking your professional Abseil Window Cleaning company.


How Does Abseil Window Cleaning work?

Using specialist safety equipment (industrial-strength ropes) and harnesses, abseil window cleaning operatives lower themselves down from the top of commercial buildings. The ropes grant maximum flexibility which means they can clean even the most awkward angles.

What Are The Benefits of High Rise Abseil Window Cleaning?

There are plenty of benefits of using Abseil Window Cleaning for your commercial high rise building. These include:

  • No height limitations
  • Minimal disruption to ongoing business or the public
  • Rose access means it is ideal for awkward access situations
  • Abseil cleaning is safe when used for hard to reach areas
  • It can be used on a variety of commercial buildings
  • Offers a flexible alternative to other high rise window cleaning methods


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What Qualifications And Insurance Must All Professional Abseil Window Cleaners Hold?

With the heights involved in high rise window cleaning, the correct health and safety must be considered at all times. That’s why extensive procedures must be put in place to make sure that abseiling can be operated both safely and efficiently. A survey and a risk assessment of all sites is essential to identify any challenges that might arise.

All abseil technicians should have the correct training and be Industrial Rope Access Trade Association trained which means they can tackle each job adhering to all health and safety concerns, while also producing the very best results.


How To Plan For Abseil Window Cleaning?

The first step is to work with experienced specialists to carry out a building risk assessment. This is vital so that both parties know the scope of the project and can plan for potential risks.

Once the risk assessment is complete, communication is crucial. For staff, give the date and approximate time of the work so they’re aware that windows must be closed, and that work should carry on as usual inside the building.

Also, if your office is situated straight on the street, you will need to discuss barriers and signage to ensure pedestrians are re-routed effectively.

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Is Abseil Window Cleaning The Best Method For My Building?

Depending on the type of structure your commercial high rise building has, Abseil window may the best and only option for your building. As it doesn’t have any height limitations and safe to use in awkward areas, Abseil window cleaning can be used on doomed glass roofs, tall buildings with no level grounding for cherry pickers, heights which exceed those viable for water-fed poles and buildings on which cradle pulleys cannot be attached.


Is Abseil Window Cleaning The Best Form Of Commercial High Rise Window Cleaning?

Abseil Window cleaning is a tried and tested method for commercial high rise window cleaning. It is cost effective, efficient and causes less disruption that other high rise window cleaning methods.

Other methods of high rise window cleaning including water-fed poles cleaning, cradle cleaning and using a cherry picker all have their own benefits and can be as equally effective. However it all depends on the height and structure of your building.

By choosing a professional and reputable high rise window cleaning company, they will be able to advise on the best method window cleaning for your business.



About Aquamark

Aquamark recognises the diversity of issues that come with managing large residential and commercial properties. That’s why they’ve designed a unique approach to commercial window and glass cleaning that creates valuable customer experiences for all.

With their unique In-Touch Live Status Checker, you are kept updated with what has already been cleaned, what is currently being cleaned and what’s still left to clean, in just a few clicks.

This gives you full transparency-allowing you to focus on work priorities, whilst they focus on implementing the most effective window cleaning programme for the building.

They are not only recognised as a highly credible commercial window cleaning company in London but nationwide across the UK. This is down to their extended commercial window cleaning offering which includes: abseiling window cleaningcradle window cleaning, water-fed pole window cleaning, cherry pickerconstruction cleans, building cleans and commercial gutter cleans.

When you’re looking at renewing your contract for window cleaning for a reliable, high-quality clean with professional window cleaners, or you want to explore which solution is most suited to the building you manage, contact the team at Aquamark.

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