Why Is Window Cleaning Important All-Year Round?

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Commercial Window Cleaning

The impact that the windows on a commercial building can have is often taken for granted. Many offices and retail units today are constructed from a large amount of glass and while this is can create a great look, aesthetically speaking, it does need some maintenance.

If you’re keen to ensure that your building remains appealing – and is a healthy environment for its occupants all year round – then commercial window cleaning is going to be an important consideration.

Benefits Of Commercial Window Cleaning – The Vitamin D Effect

Clean windows allow sunlight in. Sunlight on the skin is one of the most effective ways for humans to get access to Vitamin D, which helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones and support the immune system.

Especially during the winter months of the year, it’s important for humans to get as much exposure to Vitamin D as possible. With clean windows, sunlight will be able to penetrate into the building and create a Vitamin D supporting the environment in which people can thrive. This is why having a regular commercial window clean can lead to better outcomes for the occupants.


How Regular Commercial Window Cleaning Can Help Preserve The Building

Research has found that windows that are regularly cleaned all year round tend to have greater longevity than those that are neglected. Build up of dirt and grime can be problematic and environmental contaminants can weaken the glass and cause erosion around the edge of windows. If you’re keen to ensure that your building remains in great condition for longer, commercial window cleaning all year round will be key.


Creating A More Positive Working Environment With Clean Windows

Some building owners and managers assume that window cleaning isn’t really that necessary during the winter months, as the weather will do it for you. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Rain doesn’t offer the same finish as a professional commercial window cleaner and may be filled with pollutants and minerals that can either damage or cloud glass.

The end result is that windows that don’t get regular attention cause interiors to be dark and gloomy. This can have a big impact on those who are inside, from increasing rates of Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months to creating an unproductive environment. Clean windows are essential for ensuring that the interior of the building is a healthy and positive place to be.

Solutions for commercial window cleaning include:


Issues With Allergens

There is evidence to suggest that windows that don’t get regularly cleaned can provide a surface for the build-up of allergens. These may cause all sorts of issues for human inhabitants of a building, even those who only work and don’t live in it.

From skin problems through to allergic reactions and respiratory issues, there is a lot that can go wrong when there are too many allergens in a working environment. Regular window cleaning not only removes streaks and dirt but any build-up of potential irritants and allergens too.

Year-round window cleaning is an important investment for any commercial building to make. Clean windows not only contribute to a positive reputation and working environment but can also have a big impact on human health and well-being.


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