Cherry Picker Window Cleaning Systems

Where access is not possible via water-fed poles or cradles, Aquamark recommends the cherry picker window cleaning system.

What does the cherry picker window cleaning service involve?

Cherry pickers are hydraulic, mobile devices that have a basket mounted on the end of a mechanical arm.

Standing in the elevated basket, a professional operator has the flexibility to raise the carrier to all necessary heights, producing an all-encompassing and exceptional clean.

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Are cherry pickers right for cleaning my building windows and exterior?

Cherry pickers are a viable option for high-rise buildings, as they have a reach of up to 200 feet. If your building has level access, cherry pickers are the ideal window cleaning solution. And, even where access is an issue, Aquamark can be trusted to liaise with local authorities, and operate flexibly out of standard working hours, so as to deliver the best results.

Cherry Picker

What are the benefits of using cherry pickers for commercial window cleaning?

  • Ideal for high-rise buildings with stable level access
  • Staff are IPAF licensed
  • Staff are entirely compliant with health and safety legislation
  • Staff are thoroughly experienced and formally trained
  • Minimal disruption caused

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