When working with a range of commercial clients, we understand just how important it is to plan cleaning correctly, affecting the results for how your property’s exterior looks, as well as the efficiency at which it’s cleaned. Offering various cleaning techniques, from abseil window cleaning to Torik steam cleaning, we know it’s not always as simple as choosing a single method to clean your building. Sometimes, a combined approach is necessary to achieve the best outcomes.

Here’s our guide to how to make multiple commercial cleaning services work for you.

Ultimate guide to combined commercial cleaning approaches. Find out how Aquamark Cleaning uses abseiling, water fed poles & cradle access to clean sites in Vauxhall & the Isle of Dogs. Safe techniques that reach every spot.Reaching Every Spot

When cleaning large commercial buildings, access can sometimes be an issue. This means the cleaning operation must be meticulously planned so that every spot of the building is reached. Access is often a barrier if the site is situated in a city centre or on a riverside, like this project we regularly undertake at the Royal Wharf complex in London’s Isle of Dogs. As one of the largest residential apartment complexes in the capital, we use a combined approach of water fed poles, abseiling and cherry picker cleaning to make sure every part of the properties are cleaned thoroughly.

Health & Safety Concerns

Health and safety is a priority when cleaning any building, so this has to be considered when choosing the right technique. Factors to consider include stable ground access – as some equipment such as cherry pickers need this to be able to operate safely. Access from the roof can be looked at too which is required for the safe use of cradle systems. The height of the building should also be factored in. Water fed poles can reach heights of over 70 feet, for example. Abseil window cleaning is often needed when there are high, harder to reach spots involved which a trained abseiler has more flexibility to get to. It’s essential that only those trained and qualified in each technique complete them, so this takes greater planning if several cleaning professionals are required for the job.

Design Challenges

It’s not always your average façade and windows that need cleaning. In the modern architectural industry, we’re seeing more interesting designs, meaning that not everywhere we clean is your standard high-rise building. This includes features such as large glazing elements, uniquely shaped structures and domed roofs. In London, we’re also seeing a lot more sites being built which consist of a range of buildings for different purposes, including shops, flats and offices. Take a look at the Embassy Gardens site in Vauxhall.  We use abseil window cleaning in the main part, due to the challenging mono-rail system, but also use water fed poles to reach some areas from the ground.

Want to tailor commercial cleaning to your needs?

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, that’s precisely what we provide, offering bespoke cleaning services to commercial sites across London, Surrey and Berkshire. However complex your site is, we can tailor your package to the design and safety of the site, ensuring every inch of your building is left spotless. Get in touch now to tell us about your commercial site.