What Type of Commercial Window Cleaning Does Your Business Need?

Ensuring your business property’s windows and façade look clean and professional are important to eliminate the chances your building isn’t turning potential clients away. But with so many types of commercial window cleaning available, it can be hard to know which one is the most suitable for your property. Let’s take a look at some of the most common situations businesses face when making the right decision. 

What Type of Commercial Window Cleaning Does Your Business Need?“We’re in a high rise building”

For those in tall buildings and skyscrapers, window cleaning methods should not only reach the full height of the property, but operatives need to be able to complete the job both safely and efficiently. One of the best solutions is cherry picker window cleaning which involves a basket mounted on a mechanical arm, allowing the user to elevate themselves to all necessary heights and can even reach up to 200 feet. This is only suitable for buildings which have stable level access around them.

“There’s no level ground access”

If your building doesn’t have stable access at ground level, it can be too dangerous to use cherry pickers to clean the building from the base up. Luckily, commercial window cleaning is incredibly flexible and can actually start from the top of the building. One of the easiest options is to use cradle cleaning services which will require pulleys to be affixed to your building if possible. Descending high-strength cables, trained commercial window cleaners can reach your building’s entire façade, as well as efficiently cleaning every inch of your windows.

“We have signs which need cleaning”

One of the most popular and cost-effective systems for window cleaning is the use of water-fed poles which uses filtered, pure water in place of detergents and are used at ground level. These high reaching poles can easily get to heights of over 70 feet and can be used to clean windows, façades and a variety of other structures. This includes those who wish to have their signs cleaned, as well as fascia, cladding and canopies, absorbing any grime and algae from awkward to reach spots on the building.

“When is abseil window cleaning required?”

Abseil window cleaning is another method used for some businesses when other options aren’t viable, carried out by experienced technicians who descend the outside of the building on industrial strength ropes. This is the ideal solution for even the most awkwardly situated buildings, including those with domed glass roofs, those which don’t have the facilities for cradle pulleys to be attached, high-rise buildings (there are no height limitations for abseiling) and where there’s no stable ground access. It’s the most flexible choice when other options aren’t appropriate.

Ask a Professional

Still unsure which is the right option for you? Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we have a range of commercial window cleaning options for every type of building, covering Surrey and London locations such as Richmond, Victoria and the City of London. To find the right solution for your business, just give us a call to discuss your commercial window cleaning needs or send us a message, and we’ll get back to you. Simple!