Window cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining a building’s appearance, both for commercial and residential buildings. However, the techniques and equipment used for cleaning windows can vary depending on the type of building. In this article, we will discuss the differences between commercial window cleaning and residential block window cleaning.

The differences 

Residential block window cleaning and commercial window cleaning have several differences in terms of scale, equipment, and complexity of the job. Residential block window cleaning is typically done on a small scale for low-rise buildings, such as apartments or private homes. The cleaning is usually performed by a single or small team of cleaners, who use standard cleaning equipment, such as ladders, squeegees, and buckets.

In contrast, commercial window cleaning is often done on a larger scale for high-rise buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, and shopping centres. The job is typically performed by a larger team of cleaners, who use specialised equipment, such as suspended platforms, high-rise rigging and cranes. Commercial window cleaning requires a higher level of expertise, as the cleaners need to follow strict safety protocols, such as wearing harnesses and using safety ropes to prevent falls.

Equipment and techniques

The equipment and tools used for residential block window cleaning are generally simpler and less specialised than those used for commercial window cleaning. Residential block window cleaners typically use a ladder, a bucket, a squeegee, and a cleaning solution to clean the windows. A ladder is used to reach windows that are higher up, while a bucket is used to hold the cleaning solution and rinse water. The squeegee is used to wipe away the cleaning solution and water from the windows, leaving them streak-free and clear.

In contrast, commercial window cleaning services require more specialised equipment and tools. The size and scale of commercial buildings mean that the cleaners must use high-rise access equipment, such as suspended platforms, rope access systems, or cranes. These tools allow cleaners to access windows located at great heights safely. Suspended platforms are commonly used for mid to high-rise buildings, while rope access systems are typically used for buildings with unique designs or shapes. Cranes are used for buildings that are particularly tall or have limited access.

Apart from the access equipment, commercial window cleaners also use specialised tools for cleaning the windows. For example, high-pressure water systems are used to remove dirt and grime from the windows, particularly those located at lower levels. Specialised cleaning solutions are also used, depending on the type of dirt or stain on the window. For example, hard water stains may require an acid-based solution to remove them, while grease stains may require a solvent-based solution.

Safety measures

While residential block window cleaning can be done with simple equipment and tools and commercial window cleaning requires more specialised and advanced equipment due to the larger scale and higher heights of the buildings, safety is prominent in both practices. The tools used for window cleaning must ensure the safety of the cleaners while providing an efficient and thorough cleaning of the windows.

Commercial window cleaning services involve high-risk activities, and safety measures such as safety harnesses, safety lines, and hard hats are used to prevent accidents. Commercial window cleaners are also trained to use specialised equipment and techniques safely.

Residential window cleaners also take safety seriously and use safety harnesses and safety lines when working on ladders. They also ensure that their equipment is well-maintained to prevent accidents.

Aquamark cleaning 

Commercial window cleaning and residential block window cleaning have their unique differences in terms of equipment, techniques, safety measures, and cost. While commercial window cleaning requires specialised equipment and techniques, residential block window cleaning is done using traditional methods.

Whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, window cleaning is an essential task that helps maintain the appearance and cleanliness of a building. It is important to hire professional window cleaners who have the necessary skills, equipment, and techniques to clean the windows safely and effectively. Get in touch with us today to discover more.