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Cradle High Rise Window Cleaning

Aquamark has been carrying out regular cradle cleans at high-profile locations throughout Surrey and London since we were first established.

What does cradle access involve?

Cradle cleaning is used for high-rise buildings and grounds where it is possible to affix pulleys. Descending the façade of the building in a cradle, our professional operatives are suspended by high-strength cables, enabling a first-class clean to every part of your property’s exterior.

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Is the cradle access service right for my building?

If it is possible to fix pulleys to your building, cradle cleaning may be the right solution for you. There is a variety of window cleaning cradles, and each one is designed to fulfil specific needs. At Aquamark, we have a wide range of cradles, and so offer our clients a free consultation and site survey in order to determine the best one for your building.

N.B. Where buildings have bespoke cradle systems, Aquamark will invest time and resources into tailored training for its operatives.

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What are the benefits of the cradle access service?

  • No height restrictions

  • A highly safe window cleaning solution

  • Minimal disruption

  • All legal criteria met by cradle operatives

  • Fully trained and certified staff

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