Clean windows are essential for any business, not just from the perspective of aesthetics but also the impact this can have on a working environment. When you’re deciding where to allocate resources for regular maintenance, there are a number of key benefits to ensuring that clean windows are a priority.


Access to natural light

Human beings need natural light but dirty windows will block this. Employees spending long hours inside buildings where natural light is scarce can become depressed and demotivated – and it may also affect physical health. Ensuring that office windows are clean allows plenty of natural light to flow through, giving your workforce what it needs to remain positive and engaged.


Increasing building longevity

Acidic rain, grime and dirt build up can affect the quality of your windows, as well as the way that they operate. If not regularly cleaned and maintained it’s likely that windows will require more repairs and may need to be replaced more frequently. Ensuring windows are always clean will help to improve the longevity of the building and reduce repair and replacement bills.


Supporting positive reputation and aesthetics

From visiting clients, to people walking past outside, everyone tends to notice whether a building is clean or not. As most buildings today are made up of large panels of glass, when this becomes dirty it can ruin an overall aesthetic. It’s very difficult to make a good impression if your office building has dirty windows. On the other hand, well cared for, clean, gleaming windows indicate a business that values reputation and understands the importance of showing the company in its best light.


Improving working conditions

Health and safety at work are important, not just when it comes to employee experience but the compliance responsibilities that employers have too. Dirty windows can contribute to an unhealthy office environment. Not only do dirty windows allow dust and pollen to build up – which can be swept inside if a window is opened – but they can also cause issues with mould, which then affect the integrity of the building. For employers who understand the value of providing a healthy working environment, investing in clean windows is an essential part of that.


Better morale and business culture

Clean windows outside make a space inside feel bright, light and airy. Employees who are spending eight hours a day inside a space that is overshadowed by dirty glass will not only feel the affects in terms of the lack of natural light but also when it comes to morale too. Windows that aren’t clean may make staff feel they are not valued because an employer hasn’t taken the time to create a clean and positive working environment. This may affect mood, engagement, loyalty and motivation, all of which can impact morale, productivity and the wider business culture.

Clean windows don’t just look great but they can also have a range of other benefits that contribute to everything, from a more positive reputation to an increase in morale and productivity.

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