First impressions in business count for a lot, and this includes in the retail industry where a clean shop front can make the difference between inviting customers through the door or turning them away. So, why is this and how can you restore the look of your shop?

Retail cleaning guides - is your dirty shop front losing you customers? Aquamark Window CleaningMaking a Good Impression

Your property represents your business, so for a shop, it’s important to make a good first impression. Customers include those who are seeking out your business, as well as those walking by, but a dirty shop front can create a negative impact on whether those visitors will become customers or even enter your premises in the first place. A dirty shop front could give the impression that a retail outlet is unclean inside, doesn’t take pride in its products and if it sells food or drink, it could be unhygienic too. It can also reflect badly on the general surrounding area with shops covered in dirt, grime and graffiti indicating this may not be a location which provides a good shopping experience. Therefore, leaving this type of debris on your building can show a lack of pride in both your business and the local community you’re based within.

Clean Every Part of Your Shop Front

Some business owners think that it’s only window glazing which needs to undergo regular cleaning, but there are other aspects of your shop which could deter customers from entering your premises. If you have a sign covered in rust, dirt and other debris it may obscure the name of your business, as well as presenting an unprofessional image. If your shop is part of a larger building which includes multiple storeys such as flats located above, you should also consider how the entire façade of the building is affecting your business. It’s possible to use a variety of cleaning techniques on stone and brickwork, including gentle Torik steam cleaning for delicate or older buildings.

Safe Façades

It’s not just a dirty façade which deters customers, but an unsafe one too. If customers spot anything about your building which could put them in harm’s way, they may be reluctant to enter your premises. This includes masonry, banners and advertisements which have become loose. In these cases, if the problem is not easily rectified, it’s possible to use professional façade inspection services for surveying your property’s elevation, providing recommendations about how to protect those at street level. While you may not want building work taking place or scaffolding erected on your shop front, health and safety must come first, and it’s a short term inconvenience for the long term condition of the front of your property.

Professional Shop Front Cleaners

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we help businesses across London, Surrey and Berkshire restore the look of their building to create the right first impression to potential customers. This includes shops and retail outlets in Kensington, Paddington and Mayfair. If you’re worried your shop front could be turning customers away, get in touch for a free quotation from our commercial cleaning experts.