Why Your Environment Should be Green as Well as Clean

In this day and age it is not good enough to think only about the short term effects of our actions towards the environment. For the good of everyone we all have a duty to consider the long term effects and that’s why Aquamark is making a stand for greener cleaning methods and working practices.

Aquamark: An Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Company

The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and cleaning methods has earned Aquamark the status of being an ISO 14001 company. This certification means the company is recognised as using environmentally aware practices. The certification comes after a thorough vetting of all working practices and procedures and is followed up with constant assessment to ensure the company continues to support green products and methods.
Furthermore, Aquamark only uses products that are sourced from companies with similar environmental values and commitment to the environment.

Committed to Change

To ensure that Aquamark’s commitment to being a green company is fulfilled the company goes to great lengths to ensure water resources are not overused and the use of chemicals for any cleaning activity is avoided where possible.
Using a green company to complete office cleaning not only makes a stand for the environment but also strengthens the network of companies who are working more responsibly to protect our futures. This demonstrates a responsible attitude to environmental affairs and provides a working space for staff that is clean, healthy and free from harmful chemicals and toxic fumes.

Aquamark: Conserving the Environment, Creating Clean Spaces

Regardless of the size of the office that Aquamark cleans, from large multi-storey buildings to small one room offices, the use of greener products and environmentally friendly methods, including conserving water, can not only make a difference to the environment but also to a company’s environmental procedures and policies too. Using a green company boosts a client’s own green credentials.
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