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If you own or manage a building, you know its ongoing safety is paramount. And while you no doubt do your best to protect the areas you can see and regularly access, what about those places that are out of reach? Like your building’s exterior.

Here at Aquamark, we’re renowned for our expert abseil window cleaning service, and it’s this that enables us to carry out our skilled façade inspection service for our much-valued customers.

abseiling window cleaning London - commercial window cleaningWhat is a façade inspection service and does my property need it?

A façade inspection service sees the outside of buildings professionally surveyed, and its purpose is to guarantee ongoing health and safety standards. The individual approach of a project may vary, depending on the needs of a client. For example, instances which may call for a façade inspection service might include:

Loose masonry

The need for photographs of particular areas of the external elevation

Slack advertisements and banners etc. needing to be put right

Let’s Discuss Your façade inspection Needs

MEWP cherry picker window cleaning services UK - commercial window cleaningBy investing in our façade inspection service, you will:

  • Gain invaluable insight into the quality of your building’s façade
  • Meet health and safety legislation
  • Achieve ongoing peace of mind that your property’s exterior elevations have been professionally surveyed
  • Protect passers by at street level.

At the project’s helm, our professional team:

  • Has the skill and experience to carry out your project swiftly and efficiently
  • Is extensively trained, qualified, certified and insured
  • Comes highly recommended; just take a look at some of past projects. We’ve worked with some fantastic clients on their building facades, including Barratt Homes and Chelsea Football Club.

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