Mind Your Step! Cleaning Floors the Aquamark Way

With heavy downpours almost every day for the last month it’s not just spirits that have been dampened. Keeping floors in commercial buildings clean and hygienic, particularly where there’s heavy footfall, is a full time job, which is only made more challenging when outside conditions are wet.
Give Your Floors Some Attention
With constantly wet feet walking mud and dirt into your office or reception floors it’s time to take action. We’ve been busy lately providing expert carpet and floor cleaning to offices and commercial buildings throughout London and the South East. Many of our clients are keen to stop their floors being damaged by the excessive rain and subsequent wet footprints and are taking action now by giving their floors some attention to save the expense and disruption of replacing flooring later.
Many of our clients are simply discussing their needs with their on-site Aquamark supervisor and adding intensive floor cleaning during this rainy period to their regular office cleaning contract, while others are opting for one-off deep cleans to counteract the effect of wet and dirty footprints.
Take Action Now to Save Time and Money
Floor and carpet cleaning at Aquamark is taken very seriously. Brad Staines, Managing Director, recommends taking action now: “carpet and flooring is one of the most expensive office furnishings to replace. Giving it some additional attention now could save expense and time later.”
Aquamark offers floor cleaning services for all manner of commercial flooring from carpets to laminate or real wood and even marble. Carpets can benefit from carpet pile deep cleaning, to ensure that all loose dirt is lifted and removed before it gets wet and causes staining. Wooden and laminate floors are expertly cleaned and sealed, if required, to stop them becoming damaged. Brad Staines recommends, “Cleaning your door mats too and replacing old and worn ones, as removing excess water and mud right at the door is always preferable to having it trailed right through the premises!”  

To keep your floors hygienic and to ensure your carpets and flooring aren’t suffering the effects of the weather get in touch today.