Keeping tall offices buildings looking great from the outside is essential for creating the right first impression of your business, but there can be some hard to reach spots which aren’t just there for aesthetics reasons, and this includes your guttering.

It’s important that companies don’t neglect this important part of the commercial window cleaning process as gutters play a vital role in the maintenance of a building. But how easy are they to clean and what does it involve? Read on to find out.

Why Is Commercial Gutter Cleaning Important?

Gutter cleaning is important to undergo for a number of reasons, most of which involve saving your business the expense of fixing costly damages further down the line. Blocked or damaged gutters can cause numerous problems, including waterlogged grounds, weakened foundations, damp developing and even leaks within your building.

This not only means expensive repairs may be required, but it can cause major business disruptions if essential internal areas can’t be accessed by staff while remedial work is being carried out. You may also find that rotting wood attracts pest to your building, including infestations of mice, rats and insects.

Regular gutter cleaning, commercial window cleaning and maintenance checks should be carried out by a professional who can provide this service quickly, effectively and safely.

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Commercial Buildings Gutters

Commercial window cleaning specialists have developed easy ways to clean your building’s gutters and down pipes which can help clear those which have become heavily compacted with debris, moss, leaves, weeds, soil, bird droppings and even dead animals.

If clearing or inspecting gutters in high-rise offices, it will often involve the need for cradle access if pulleys can be affixed to the building or cherry pickers if ground areas are stable and level. However, if your office building is up to 60 feet in height, there’s an even easier solution.

Gutter Cleaning From The Ground

An omni-cam system can be easily used for inspecting and cleaning guttering which reaches up to 60 feet, involving a long pole with a mini video camera attached. A survey can be carried out both before and after the clean so that you can see exactly how debris has affected your guttering, including any damage sustained which may need repair.

Gutters are cleared using a sophisticated tool which uses telescopic suction tubes to remove debris clogging the length of the guttering. Any compacted material will be broken up with a spike specifically designed for this purpose, and a pressure washer can be used to thoroughly cleanse the area for good.



Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we use state of the art technology to help completely unblock your gutters, preventing costly long-term damage to your building.


This is recommended on a biannual basis, and we can also carry out any emergency clearances you may need. If you’d like any gutters cleaned at a commercial property or are interested in exploring our commercial window cleaning services, contact our team today.