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High Rise Window Cleaning Surrey

Hiring a high rise window cleaning company? Not sure who to trust or what the best policies to look for in a local company are? Then call Aquamark, Surrey’s leading high rise window cleaning service.

Specialist High Rise Window Cleaning Equipment at our Disposal

At Aquamark we have modern, state of the art equipment that can effectively clean high rise buildings such as tower blocks, apartment complexes, retail units, industrial premises and office blocks. Some of the equipment we have includes:
Water Fed Poles
Water fed poles is one of our most advanced technologies and are perhaps the most cost effective option available. These poles can reach heights of over 70 feet and are an effective method to clean high rise windows.

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Abseiling Teams
If your building has hard to reach places either in the interior or exterior, then our fully qualified Industrial Rope Access Trained Association (IRATA) teams may be the best option to clean high rise windows in your block. These qualified abseiling teams will cause no damage to the building and as they avoid the need for scaffolding and cradles, would cause minimal disruption to those living or working in the building. High rise window cleaning at its very best.

High Rise Window Cleaning Health and Safety

All Aquamark technicians are independently tested and assessed and follow government regulated guidelines. Undertrained technicians are dangerous not only to themselves, but also to others around them, which is why we never place any of our staff or clients at risk by allowing untrained high rise window cleaning teams loose on a job.

Full High Rise Window Cleaning in Surrey Guarantees

At Aquamark we make you fully aware of the risks involved and provide you will a full guarantee that all procedures are followed and adhered to. Supervisors monitor the work carried out and check on safety procedure and quality.

We have been providing high rise window cleaning for well over a decade, making us one of the most experienced companies in Surrey and London. Contact us TODAY for a free quote on your high rise window cleaning job.

Based in New Malden, we are easy reaching distance of Croydon, Guildford, Kingston upon Thames and the City of London window cleaners.

Contact Aquamark about high rise window cleaning Surrey or London City

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