Cleaning a high-rise building’s windows isn’t without its challenges and considerations, particularly if you’re a building owner or manager who is responsible for selecting a window cleaning service.

With cost and quality of outcome being key drivers in your decision-making process, it’s important that you’re aware of the different window cleaning methods available to you.

In this post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the water-fed pole (also known as the reach-and-wash) window cleaning method, helping you to decide whether or not this approach is suited to your building’s requirements.

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What is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Utilising telescopic poles that are equipped with brushes and water jets, these water feeder poles allow for the cleaning of upper windows.

They are operated at ground level, negating the need to work at height.

Despite the ground-level operation, water-fed poles are capable of reaching heights of up to 85 feet, so if your building is below this level, reach-and-wash might be the ideal solution for you.

The simplicity of reach-and-wash window cleaning is what makes it stand out, with it requiring fewer operatives and heavy machinery, particularly when compared to cradle window cleaning and abseiling.

It’s also highly effective at cleaning awkward and tight angles due to the brush which is located at the upper end of the pole. It’s used to agitate and lift dirt off the glass whilst the water loosens dirt and debris, providing a pure water rinse, and thus allowing the panes to dry clear.

High Rise Window Cleaning: Water-Fed Pole Explained


How Does Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Work?

The water-fed poles are built from robust carbon fibre components, meaning they’re well-equipped to handle the demands of a commercial building

To lift and agitate dirt, the brush at the upper end of the pole is used while the water loosens dirt and debris and provides a pure water rinse, allowing the panes to dry with a streak-free finish.

Water-fed poles use pure water window cleaning which doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents.

This is because purified water is stored in tanks or filtered from the tap, dirt is then removed by filtration alongside deionisation to ensure no residues or spotting is left on the glass.

So, whether your business is eco-focused, or you’re looking to be more socially responsible, window cleaning water-fed poles are well supported with a more environmentally friendly outlook.



Water-fed poles for residential and commercial window cleaning is one of the most popular high-rise window cleaning services on the market, due to its range of associated benefits.

With the use of purified water, this cleaning solution can provide you with an accurate and thorough clean that’ll leave your windows shining.

For more information on water-fed pole window cleaning for your commercial buildings, call an expert today.


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