How to choose the right window cleaners for your office

Anyone can clean windows, correct? Unfortunately you only have to look around an inner city area at the number of office blocks with smeared, streaky glass to know that this simply isn’t the case. Like any other service, window cleaning requires expertise in order to ensure an exceptional end result, as well as professionalism in terms of the way that the business is run. When it comes to choosing the right window cleaners for your office there are some key details to consider.


Skill and expertise

Find a cleaning business that is really good at what it does – and proud of the reputation it has established. You’ll just never get the same service from a company where people are just killing time until they find another job or don’t really take pride in what they do. The work involved can be technical – operating machinery or involving abseiling, for example – and so the more experienced and better trained the people in the business, the more positive the experience is likely to be for you.


Public liability insurance

A good sign of a professional cleaning business that takes its responsibilities seriously is whether there is public liability insurance in place. Given the nature of the work involved, accidents do happen in the cleaning industry – especially as there is so much water involved. If you’re working with a business without insurance and something does happen then you may not be able to get compensation from them if they don’t have an insurance policy in place. Simply ask to see a copy of the insurance when you open the initial discussions.


A focus on service

You may require window cleaning on a regular basis but also be looking for ad hoc cleans, for example after road works have finished in the area. If the cleaners you’re partnering with are focused on service they will be able to accommodate your needs flexibly and meet your requirements even if they change over time. An open and friendly approach, willingness to answer questions and supply information, as well as timely communication will all make life easier.


Health and safety awareness

Finding a cleaning firm where health and safety is a priority is essential, especially if equipment like a cherry picker is involved or you’re contracting for abseil window cleaning. It’s the cleaning company’s responsibility to take care of the safety of its staff but the last thing you want is a careless, badly informed cleaning firm that causes incidents at your building. To avoid this, find a firm where health and safety is a priority.


Reputation and reliability

Like any service industry business, reliability is a crucial part of providing a great window cleaning service. Showing up on time, when expected and delivering service to the required standard is going to create a positive experience for you. Client testimonials and references are a great way to gauge what others thought of the business in terms of service and reliability – most cleaners will be happy to provide these.

Finding the right window cleaners for your office not only makes life easier for you but also creates a positive ongoing working relationship that reflects well on everyone.

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